Bureau of Statistics

Vision & Mission
Vision Statement:

The State Bureau of Statistics that is able to maintain an effective and well coordinated statistical system to meet the information requirements of government and the society towards achieving a sustainable development.


Bringing effectiveness and efficiency to planning and decision making by developing and operating a virile statistical system.

Mandate Statements
The Bureau of Statistics is the Central Statistical Agency to:

  1. Coordinate the State Statistical System to guarantee efficiency, avoid gaps and duplication of efforts.
  2. Collect, compile, analyse, interpret, publish and disseminate statistical information alone or in collaboration with other agencies.
  3. Conduct research about various sectors to facilitate the social and economic development of the State.
  4. Develop and promote the use of statistical standards and appropriate methodologies in the State Statistical System.
  5. Advise State and Local Government on strategies relating to research and statistical development.
  6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive socio-economic State Data Bank.
  7. Provide a focal point of contact with National and International Agencies on statistical matters.
  8. Carry out other functions relating to statistics as the State Government may assign to the Bureau from time to time.

Service Charter
The services provided are as follows;

  1. Generate and publish data and indicators on Education, Agriculture, Health, Population, Transport, Public Finance, Prices of items, Manpower, Security, Justice and Social welfare, for planning, monitoring, evaluation and decision making.
  2. Provide key indicators and parameters for budget preparation and Medium Term Expenditure Framework.
  3. Make appropriate population projections for government, society, institutions and individuals.
  4. Generate household-based information for measuring situation analysis, project/programme assessment and evaluation.
  5. Organisation of quarterly meeting of State Consultative Committee on Statistics for greater coordination, collaboration, networking, information sharing and feedback strategies.
  6. Organisation of producer-user workshops.
  7. Organisation of Data Validation Workshops with relevant stakeholders.
  8. Printing and dissemination of Statistical documents.
  9. Production of quarterly Statistical Newsletter for information dissemination.
  10. Incorporation of a statement of welcoming constructive criticisms in all publications.
  11. Existence of Email address of the State Bureau of Statistics/Statistician General for contact and feedback.

Principal Officers

S/N Post Name E-Mail Phone No
1 Statistician General Mr Olajide Micheal Oguntimehin moguntimehin@ekitistate.gov.ng 07069004353
2 Director, Research, Survey and Methodology Dept. Mrs Dolapo Ojo dolapoojo219@gmail.com 08064438673
3 Director, Finance and Accounts Mr Idowu Famuyibo idowufamuyibo@gmail.com 08060758872
4 Director, Population Activities Mr Olufunso Femi Ogungbemi   07062340607
5 Director, Admin & Supplies Mr Henry Ogunlaye ogunlayekayode@gmail.com 08065637773
6 Acting Director: Social and Economics Statistics Department Mrs Oluwakemi Omoju omojuoluwakemi@gmail.com 07039226433
7 Deputy Director; Research, Survey and Methodology Dept. Mr Olugbenga Ajilo ajiyetty@yahoo.com 08136797409
8 Deputy Director, Population Activities Mrs Abosede Afolake Ojo ojoabosede2012@gmail.com 07069540296


S/N Post Name Phone No
1 Perm Sec Mr Olajide Micheal Oguntimehin 07069004353
2 Focal Person Mrs Oluwakemi Omoju 07039226433

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