Ekiti Laws

  1. Mortgages and Force Closure Law, 2020
  2. Ekiti Internal Revenue Law, 2019
  3. Ekiti Fiscal Responsibility Law, 2019
  4. Appropriation Law
  5. Change of Logo Law
  6. Ekiti State Consolidation of Universities Law
  7. A law to revive and restore the law establishing the college of education, Ikere Ekiti and other matters connected therewith
  8. Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission (Amendment) Law
  9. Ekiti State Education Trust Fund Law
  10. Local Government Administration (Amendment) Law
  11. Ekiti State Pubic Works Corporation Law, 2011
  12. Ekiti State Bonds, Notes and Other Securities Issuance Law
  13. Ekiti State Freedom of Information Law
  14. Ekiti State Public Private Partnerships Law
  15. Ekiti State Contributory Pension (Amendment) Law
  16. Ekiti State Petroleun Products Consumers Protection Agency (PPCPA) (Amendment) Law
  17. 2011 Revised Appropriation Law
  18. A law to amend the Ekiti State House of Assembly service commission law no. 4  of 2003 and other matters incidental thereto or connected therewith
  19. A law to amend the Ekiti State Waste Management Board and Waste Management Authority Law
  20. Ekiti State Gender-Based Violence (Prohibition) Law, 2011
  21. Ekiti State Primary School Staff Loans Board Law, 2011
  22. Ekiti State Multi-Purpose Credit Agency (Amendment) Law
  23. Ekiti State Audit Service Commission Law, 2021
  24. Ekiti State Joint Local Government Account and Allocation of Revenue (3rd Amendment) Law 2021
  25. Ekiti State Mental Health Law 2021
  26. Ekiti State Drugs and Health Supplies Management Agency Law 2021
  27. Ekiti Disability Law 2020
  28. Ekiti State PPP Law (Reenactment) – 2020
  29. Ekiti State Building Regulation, 2017
  30. Ekiti-State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law.

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