Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

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Construction of tall concrete pylon of bridge using tower crane

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Ekiti State Export Strategy and Guidelines
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Grievance Redress Mechanism System
The Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) refers to arrangements that enable users to raise grievances with the relevant MDAs and seek redress when they perceive a negative impact arising from the MDA or its services. It is a way to mitigate, manage, and resolve potential or realised negative impacts submitted by stakeholders. The GRM addresses complaints by truckers/transporters and traders for inter-state movement of goods. The State Government has established a framework for redressing trade grievances to promote fair and equitable trade relations, both local and international.   Grievance Redress Mechanism System


Submission of Trade Grievances

Any Business, Industry, or Individual (traders, truckers/transporters) may submit a trade grievance to the TGRM Panel, relating to an act/omission in respect of collection and payment of the trade-related fees and levies on inter-state movement of goods. The grievances may be made by making a verbal complaint through a designated and functional telephone line (hotline-09038758555) or providing written complaints through SMS, you can send an email to or download the Grievance Redress Form (link for the grievance redress form).

The verbal or written complaints shall detail the complainant’s name and contact, date of complaints, type of complaint, the description/nature of the grievance, relevant supporting evidence, and the desired resolution.

Resolution of Trade Grievances

The TGRM shall conduct a thorough review of each trade grievance, including consultation with relevant stakeholders and experts. Based on its review, the TGRM shall make recommendations for the resolution of the trade grievance, which may include negotiations with foreign governments, the initiation of dispute settlement proceedings, or other appropriate actions.
The TGRM shall provide periodic updates to the submitter of the trade grievance regarding the status of the review and any proposed actions.

All complaints shall be resolved within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of such complaints/grievances,

Recommend appropriate actions or remedies to resolve disputes following applicable laws and international agreements.

The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry shall ensure that the report of the activities and the status of trade grievance resolutions are published regularly on the State official website(s) online.

Grievance Response

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Investment Incentive Inventory

From the Governor

From the Governor

“My vision is for Ekiti State to be a land of prosperity, opportunity, peace and progress. A land in which transformed people and communities can reap the fruits of their labour in dignity, good health and safety. A land of honour where integrity matters.”