Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Office of Transformation and Service Delivery

Office of Transformation, Strategy and Delivery (OTSD) is an office recently developed in partnership with one of the leading development partners in the country with the aim of re-shaping how government functions, re-engineering its processes and systems in order to ensure implementation of government’s developmental programmes in a more effective and efficient manner.

OTSD focuses on quick-win actions that ensure the delivery of the agenda of the administration, and longer term visioning and strategic thinking of various development alternatives that guarantee sustainable and accelerated improvement in the lives of the people.

The Office has four key areas of focus: innovation, change management, service delivery, and tracking implementation of government’s agenda across the MDAs.

Contact Details
Old Deputy-Governor’s Office
Oke-Bareke, Ado-Ekiti

Vision & Mission


     To be the primary change agent and catalyst for Ekiti socio-economic development and transformation agenda.


Ensuring efficient and effective implementation and delivery of the State Government programmes

OTSD’s Core Mandates Includes:

  1. Coordination of the Administration programmes across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the State;
  2. Facilitation of improved service delivery in the State;
  3. Support and facilitation of the implementation of Government’s policies;
  4. Development of evidence based policies which reflect the priorities of the State;
  5. Development of evidence based strategies that State’s policies would actualize;
  6. Ensuring that services rendered by public servants are result-oriented and satisfactory to the citizens;
  7. Ensuring timely appraisal of service delivery by all MDAs and LGAs;
  8. Establishment of a system where the State Government can easily assess the impact of her programmes on the citizens (Ekiti State Performance, Assessment and Improvement Report);
  9. Ensuring objective communication of feelings of the public about Government deliverables;
  10. Elimination of delay in Government business process and procedures;
  11. Revitalization of public institutions such as health, education, utility etc.

Responsibilities Of Office Of Transformation And Service Delivery (OTSD) Includes:

  1. Development of standard workplan template for the State that ensures MDAs activities are properly planned and structured to ensure delivery of the Administration’s developmental agenda;
  2. Development of quarterly reporting template for the State that would enable performance assessment of MDAs across the State;
  3. Use of focal persons’ platform (MDAs champions) to coordinate activities of MDAs in the State;
  4. Application of change management principles and practice to the state transformation agenda (Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Tools & Technology);
  5. Implementation of the Civil Service Transformation Strategy across the State;
  6. Designing of change strategies and programmes that public servants/others can understand and implement;
  7. Develop systematic and realistic monitoring and evaluation plans that capture quantitative and qualitative data.

Principal Officers

1. Dr. John Moyo Ekundayo Special Adviser/Director-General 08030598267
2. Mr. Salami A. Olusola Director, Administration and Supplies 08032713593
3. Mr. Omoniyi Ayodele Adekunle Director, Finance and Accounts 07068362985
4. Mrs. Akinleye Olanike Iyabo Chief Internal Auditor
5. Mrs. Oguntuase M.O. Chief Confidential Secretary
6. Mrs. Afolabi Adejoke Agnes Principal Executive Officer I (Accts)
7. Mr. Adejoro Bamidele Adeyemi Principal Executive Officer II
8. Mr. Adenijo Adekunle Alade Principal Executive Officer II
9. Mr. Ogunleye  Sunday Olalekan Planning Officer
10 Mr. Ogunyemi Kehinde PA to SA/DG 07035772863
11. Mrs. Ajayi Bosede Abimbola Principal Executive Officer II (Accts)
12. Mrs. Arewa Serifat Anike Higher Executive Officer
13. Mrs. Alade Bisi Higher Executive Officer (Accts)
14. Mrs. Iwalola Yetunde Oso Principal Secretarial Assistant II
15. Mrs. Afowowe B.F. Chief Store Officer
16. Mrs. Balogun Yinka Elizabeth Chief Clerical Officer
17. Mrs. Alade Olubumi R. Chief Clerical Officer
18. Mrs. Akinola Fayoke Clerical Officer
19. Mrs. Ogundipe Taiwo. A. Clerical Officer II
20. Mr. Dada Joseph Chief Driver

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