Accountant General’s Office

The Office of the Accountant General is the State Treasury and is headed by the Accountant General/Permanent Secretary who is responsible for the general administration of the Treasury.

To assist the Accountant General/Permanent Secretary in administration, the Treasury has four (4) major Departments (with units and sections) each headed by a Deputy Accountant General.

Vision & Mission

The overall vision of the office is aimed at the delivery of highly effective and quality operational services. A core value expected to make the office well respected and regarded as a highly professionalized, competent and productive office.

This vision can be further defined and achieved through:

Compliance with the best professional practices, the rules and regulations in the handbook on Financial Administration 2001 edition, the Public Financial Management Laws and other relevant Financial Regulations.

A robust internal control procedures through checks and balances.

Giving excellent values to tax payers’ funds by a highly organized, well monitored, competent fund management team.

Offering the best services possible which by implication, indicates making great efforts to understand the needs of all stakeholders and adopting a proactive approach to solving problems.

Creating a productive and friendly employee work environment through team work, satisfied and motivated staff and an appropriate set of core objectives and value.


The mission of the Accountant General’s office is to manage the financial resources of the State within its purview effectively, efficiently and to promote prudent financial management practices.

Affiliated Agencies
The Treasury Department is an extra ministerial Department under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and therefore, the Office has no affiliated Agency.



  1. Deputy Accountant General (Fund Management)
  2. Deputy Accountant General (Main Account)
  3. Deputy Accountant General (Central Pay Office)
  4. Deputy Accountant General (Management Services)
  5. Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) Office
  6. Internal Audit
  7. Press Officer


  1. Deputy Director (FM)
  2. Project Financial Management Unit (PFMU)
  3. Subsidiary Section
  4. Treasury Cash Office Headquarter (16 LG TCOs)
  5. Cashier
  6. Direct Bank Lodgment System (DBLS) Unit
  7. Reconciliation Unit
  8. Contract Register Section
  9. Payment Request (PR) Section


  1. Deputy Director (CPO)
  2. Deputy Director (Computer Unit)
  3. E-Processing Unit
  4. Input Processing
  5. Variation Control Unit


  1. Deputy Director (MS)
  2. Accounts Section
  3. Store Unit
  4. Transport Section
  5. Registry (Open & Confidential)
  6. Maintenance Section


  1. Deputy Director (MA)
  2. General Ledger Section
  3. Revenue Section
  4. Final Accounts Section
  5. Transcript Section

The Accountant General/ Permanent Secretary who is responsible for the General administration of the Treasury Department is also the Chief Accounts Officer of the State Government and the custodian of the Government Fund. The Accountant General also attend the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee meeting on behalf of the state Government on monthly basis, prepare and present the main Memoranda at Local Government Joint Allocation Committee (JAAC) meetings.

Other Functions of the office includes:

  1. Processing and disbursement of approved releases for payment on behalf of the State Government.
  2. Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cash flow statement.
  3. Liaison between the State Government and the banks on day to day financial activities of the Government.
  4. Preparation of monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement.
  5. It monitors the Ministries/ Departments/ Agencies (MDAs) and ensures that each MDA complies with the provision of Financial Administration and extant rules and regulation.
  6. Supervising the Accounts (Comprising the Receipts and Expenditure) of the Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies and reconciling the Accounts with the Treasury records on a periodic basis.
  7. The preparation of the statutory final Accounts of the State Government that is the Accountant- General’s report (Mid-year and Annual) in line with International Reporting Standards.
  8. It performs the verification, collation of monthly Salaries and Allowances of Public Servants and other Relevant Public Office Holders.

Principal Officers

Name Designation
Mrs. O.T Olayinka Accountant General/ Permanent Secretary
Mr. Aiyegbusi Ebenezer O. Deputy Accountant General, Funds Management
Mr. Ogundugba Olalekan Deputy Accountant General, Main Accounts
Mr. Fola-Ajayi Comfort O. Deputy Accountant General, Management Services
Mrs. Sanni B. Funmilayo Deputy Accountant General, Central Pay Office

Past Accountant Generals

Name Designation
Mr. Asaolu Joshua Accountant General
Mrs. Abike Sonoiki Accountant General
Mr.David Tunde Ibikunle Accountant General
Mr. A.B Owolabi Accountant General/Permanent Secretary
Mrs. Owolabi O.O Accountant General/Permanent Secretary

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