Office of Solid Mineral Resources


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Vision & Mission

To tap all the abundant and vast mineral deposits in Ekiti

To convert the vast quantum of solid mineral deposit in Ekiti into economic wealth and riches.


Creating enabling and conducive business environment for Solid Mineral investors in Ekiti;

Encourage the participation of investors from Nigeria and overseas in mining activities in Ekiti state, through government enabled incentives.

The government is chiefly disposed to the idea of encouraging investors in solid minerals not only explore and exploit, but to establish processing factories and industries right here on Ekiti soil.


  1. generate employment for the teeming youths in the state
  2. ensure that the state is rightly industrialized
  3. boost the state revenue generation drive.

Mineral Deposits
The state has made mining more attractive to prospective investors by creating Fountain Solid Mineral Development Company (FSMDC).

The responsibility of the company is to enter into joint venture mining business with local and foreign operators. The company has already secured mining licences from the Federal Government, which has the exclusive right over mining activities. The advantage of this arrangement is to:

  • Secure the investors investments since the State Government is involved.
  • No mining licence is required as the State owned FSMDC already secured mining licences required for such joint venture operations.


The under listed minerals are divided into major and minor solid minerals

Major Solid Minerals

Clay Deposits

  • Bulk Clay –It is all over the state but notably at Ire Ekiti, Ara –Ijero,Igbara-Odo,Ikogosi,Ilemeso,Isan,Aiyegunle,Itaji-Itapaji. Bulk Clay is suitable for ceramic works, as foundry binder or blender, in the manufacturing of burnt bricks e.t.c.
  • Kaolin Deposit – Pale white to white thick fired cream is present at Isan- Ekiti. It is useful in pharmaceuticals and as fillers.
  • Dimension Stones(Granite, Charnockite and Gneisses)-The variably coloured dimension stone is present all over the state but notably at Ado, Ikere, Igbemo, Iyin, Ikole. It is suitable for cutting and polishing, quarrying as aggregates for Civil Engineering works.
  • Feldspar – Occurs at Ijero, Aramoko, Oke Ewu forming light brown to white. It is useful in the production of sheet and hollow glasses and in the glazing of ceramic wares.
  • Quartzite –It is present at Efon Alaaye, Ijero district –Epe, Iroko, Ayegunle. It is good as refactory materials in kiln, foundry, e.t.c. It can also be used as construction aggregates.
  • Cassiterite(Tin ore)Tantalite and Columbite deposits –At Ijero, Ilukuno/Idao area, Itawure/Aramoko district, Ilawe district, Osin/Ikole district.

Minor Solid Minerals

  • Bauxite (Mineral ore for Aluminium metal)-It occur at Orin Ekiti and its environs (Ido Osi Local Government Area). It is useful in the preparation and production of Aluminium based chemicals or compounds. The deposit in Ekiti State has too low Aluminium content and too high Silica content not suitable as an ore.
  • Gemstone [Tourmaline(Green and Pink), smoky quartz, beryl]-Notably at Ijero district and Ipao-Ekiti both at Ijero and Ikole Local Government Area respectively. It is useful as an ornament.

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