Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment

Our vision is rooted in the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to realize their full economic potential. We recognize that wealth creation is not the sole purview of a select few but a collective endeavour, and it is through employment that we build the foundation of a prosperous society.

To empower our citizens, foster entrepreneurship, and forge partnerships that will propel our State towards greater heights of prosperity.­

  1. Accountability: Periodically inform and give updates to our stakeholders.
  2. Integrity: Principled, ethical, fair and honest.
  3. Inclusiveness: nobody is left out.
  4. Enabling: Catalyst for a conducive environment to make business thrive and unleash potential.
  5. Result Oriented: Focus on delivery and desired.
  1. To collaborate with Ministries, Department, and Agencies with mandates relating to employment and wealth creation at the regional, national and sub-national levels with a view of domesticating relevant job and wealth creation initiatives;
  2. To develop and maintain a data base of Ekiti State’s labour force and be a one stop for employers in Ekiti State;
  3. To develop training and skills development programmes that align with the need of employers in Ekiti State;
  4. To ensure that all Government contracting is aligned with the state’s local content and skill transfer aspirations;
  5. To promote and ignite entrepreneurship as a youth development strategy through various entrepreneurship development activities such as ideation, business incubation, mentorship and other business support programmes;
  6. To facilitate skill acquisition programmes for graduates and upgrade the skills of artisans for employability and promotion of entrepreneurship; and
  7. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Government.


Office of the Honourable Commissioner

Office of the Permanent Secretary

Administration & Supplies

Employment and Skills Development

Finance & Accounts

Planning, Research & Statistics







Internal Audit

S/N Name            Designation
1 Otunba Kayode Fasae Honourable Commissioner
2 Mr. Oluwadare Ajayi Permanent Secretary
3 Mrs Bunmi .A. Abereola Director, Administration & Supplies
4 Mr. Kayode Ogundipe Director, Employment & Skills Development
5 Mrs Funso .P. Aduloju Director, Entrepreneurship
6 Mr. Ayodeji S. Aribisala Director, Finance & Accounts
7 Otunba Kayode Fasae Honourable Commissioner
8 Director, Planning, Research & Statistics
8 Mrs Rodha .O.Oladapo Internal Auditor
9 Bar. Taiwo Ajibulu – Ariyo Legal Officer

Ekiti State Employment Trust Fund

  • This is a platform that majorly focused on creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs in all spheres of labour and production within the state.
  • Training and upskilling.
  • Provide loans and grants for MSMEs within the state in order to make unemployed citizens employers of labour and foster shared prosperity in the state.
  • Creates an opportunity for artisans to have skilled and updated information about their area of specializations.
  • Provide job and employment hubs to create an enabling environment for wealth creation in Ekiti State.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the beneficiaries of the loans and grants in order to make sure the funds are used effectively.
  • Provide an enabling environment for job seekers so they can have updated information about available jobs and how to apply for the jobs and also do follow up on the application.
  • To drive innovation technology development with a goal to make our state the technology hub of the country.
  • Will help tackle the unemployment scourge among our youths by helping them gain requisite knowledge and skill through vocational trainings and subsequently helping them get job placements.

Labour Market Information System.

One of the core mandates of the Ministry is to match the unemployed persons with prospective employers of labour.  LMIS will provide the followings:

  • synergy between people, relevant institutions, and technology that collects, analyses and disseminates labour market data.
  • It is the utmost importance to provide relevant information and data to inform government business, outlook, policies project and activities regarding employment and labour.
  • To provide up to date data and information of active unemployed citizens and artisans in Ekit State.
  • An information resource and system that has mutually recognised roles.
  • To foster an improved labour market information system such that residents of a particular demography have an adequate information about artisans in their community and they don’t need to go to other communities to find one.
  • Registration of Staffs, artisans, and unemployed youths across the state.
  • A very important tool deployed to create wealth and shared prosperity. It has been put to successful use in advanced country of the world with very yielding results.
  • To identify key challenges faced by start-up businesses and develop strategic interventions to address the issue of unemployment within the State.


Agency Banking

Agency Banking is to provide financial service to all and sundry in the State

Ekiti State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment is partnering with Wema, Zenith, Stanbic Bank PLCs.

  • Provide employment opportunities for strategically picked commission agents, and super agents for each cluster in the 16 local governments in Ekit State.
  • Intermediary between bank and customers in the 16 local governments.
  • Insurance limit of 200,000 naira only because of security.
  • Offers a wide variety of services for businesses looking to expand locally or internationally.
  • Two hundred (200)Super Agents, five (5)Commission Agents per one super-agent.

WEMA BANK (Training Of 100,000 Youths)

  • Partnership between the Ekiti State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment and Wema Bank PLC.
  • Training 20,000 youths in 10 different vocational activities across the state.
  • Beyond training, there will be monitoring and evaluation.
  • Trainees will be empowered. Loans and grants will be made available for them.
  • A platform to foster inclusion and also eradicate poverty in our localities, which leads to shared prosperity.

Data Collation

  • Collation of data for every active youth, artisans and unemployed citizens of the state.
  • Enables the government to plan and make decisions, identify business difficulties and make problem solving arrangements to solve unemployment problems in the State.
  • Enables the government strategically distribute resources in order to foster wealth creation.
  • The data will be collated secondarily.

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