Ministry of Special Duties and Regional Integration

The Ministry is divided into: Intergovernmental Affairs; Administration; Finance and Account.

Contact Details

Ministry of Integration and Intergovernmental Affairs

New Secretariat Phase V, Ado-Ekiti

Our Vision

To work with other stakeholders in the federation which includes –Federal, States and Local Governments to develop a seamless and well coordinated template for sustainable growth, development and make poverty history in Ekiti State.

Our Mission

Making governance works for the people.


  1. Facilitate win-win collaboration amongst participant states in the South West, by ensuring the institutionalization of appropriate structure geared toward socio-economic development.
  2. Ensure smooth collaboration amongst MDAs in the areas of provision of services, infrastructure and best practices for the achievement of the Eight Point Agenda.
  3. Promote, pursue and defend the interest of Ekiti State at all levels through adequate and effective collaboration with critical stakeholders in the areas of available opportunities
  4. Follow through on critical State’s assignment with other States and the Federal Government and give adequate and appropriate feedback to the Governor and other agencies respectively.
  5. To provide ambassadorial and consular services on behalf of Ekiti State.
  6. To put in place a structured and effective strategies of Diaspora collaboration and integration in support of the Eight Point Agenda.
  7. Provide strategic and policy advice to the Executive arm of government.
  8. Identify, recommend and facilitate the delivery of effective/optional solutions to emerging issues.
  9. Provide awareness and drive information sharing on important issues and initiatives.
  10. Coordinate and facilitate Intra governmental, Intergovernmental and Inter-agency relations.
  11. Act as a secretariat for relevant Intra governmental, Inter-governmental forum / communities for setting State Government priority programme and providing support for the conduct of intergovernmental meetings.
  12. Facilitating community participation in the ownership and monitoring of State and Local Government projects.
  13. Identify areas of Intra governmental and intergovernmental conflicts and ensuring that these are managed at the appropriate levels.
  14. To provide the template for regional collaboration;
  15. To facilitate effective and efficient inter-ministerial interactions.
  16. Conduct the NGF & DFID Peer Review Mechanism in Ekiti State.
  17. Formulation of State Water and Sanitation Policy

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has the following Department/Units and three parastatals. They are:

  1. Administration and supply
  2. Planning Research and statistics
  3. Finance and Accounts
  4. Agricultural Services
  5. Rural Development
  6. Produce Services and Tree Crops
  7. Veterinary, Livestock and Fisheries Services
  8. Sericulture project Unit
Name Designation
Hon. Commissioner
Mr. Sesan Alabi Permanent Secretary
Mr. Tayo Adeokin Director of Administration
Mr. Onade S.O Director of Finance and Account
Mr. D.B Kobomoje Director Intergovernmental Affairs
Name Designation Period
Mrs Bunmi Dipo-Salami Hon. Commisssioner  2010 – 2013
Mr. Kayode Abe permanent Secretary
Mr. Biodun Oyebanji Hon. Commisssioner
Dr. Dare Ojo
Mrs Bunmi Dipo-Salami  Commissioner
Hon. Ayodele Jinadu  Commissioner 2018 – 2022

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