Ministry of Justice

The Ministry is made up of the following departments

  • Department of Public Prosecutions
  • Department of Civil Litigation
  • Department of Legal Drafting and Corporate Law
  • Department of Administrator-General and Public Trustee
  • Department of Citizens’ Rights
  • Department of Law Review
  • Department of Finance and Administration


Target set by the Ministry for 2011-2012:

  1. To ensure that rendering of Legal Advice is completed within two weeks of receipt of case file from the Police.
  2. Take-off of the case management system which would fast track the movement of files right from the receipt of file from the Police to the conclusion of case.

Contact Details

  1. Ministry of Justice, New Secretariat, Phase III, Ado-Ekiti
  2. Lawrence Babatope Ojo,
    Acting Solicitor-General & Permanent Secretary


The vision of the Ministry of Justice is to provide a system of justice that is simpler, cheaper, more efficient and more responsive to people’s needs with a view to actualizing same with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Moving from the rigid law and order paradion at the same time maintaining a focused, better result oriented clients services through committed Legal Officers who are core professionals rather than mere Civil Servants

Our Mission

Rapid and systematic transformation of the administration of Justice in Ekiti State and improved management of the State Legal Affairs


The Ministry performs the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Advising Government Ministries Department and statutory corporations as well as State Owned Companies on legal issues.
  2. Clearing of State Executive Council memoranda on filling of vacancies on chieftaincies and other important policy matters to ensure that they are in conformity with the relevant declaration and the law.
  3. Advising the law enforcement agencies on desirability or otherwise of prosecution of simple cases in the Magistrate and other inferior courts and prosecuting the more complex cases in the superior courts.
  4. Preparing information, profs of evidence and other relevant document for filing in the courts
  5. Representing the government and all its agencies in civil matters before any court.
  6. Drafting of Executive Bills, Local Government Adoptive-Byelaws, Orders, Instruments and Legal Notices
  7. Drafting or vetting of agreements or Memoranda of understanding in respect of contract being entered into between the government and its agencies on the one part and outside bodies on the other
  8. Administering the estates of persons dying intestate as may be referred to the Ministry as well as those who died testate and direct their wills that their estates should be administered by the Administrator-General and Public Trustee
  9. Revision and reform of the existing laws of the State.
  10. Recommendation to the Governor on the exercise of the constitutional power to pardon convicts in deserving cases or remit their sentences in part or in whole.
  11. Liaising between the Executive and the Judicial in matters affecting the administration of Justice.
  12. Representing the Federal Government in such criminal and civil actions for or against the Government and its agencies as may be specifically delegated to it by the Attorney-General of the Federation.
Name Designation
Hon. Wale Fapohunda Honourable Attorney-General /Commissioner for Justice
Barr. L.B. Ojo Esq. Acting Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary
Mrs. Bola Wale Esq Director, Law Review
Mr. E.O. Akomolafe Esq Director, Administrator-General and Public Trustee
Mrs. T.M. Akinbolawa Director, Legal Drafting
Mr. A.O. Familoni Esq. Director, Public Prosecution
Mr. A.E.Akpan Esq. Director, Civil Litigation
Mr. A.A. Morakinyo Esq. Director, Citizens’ Rights
Mrs. A.Y. Ayodele Director, Finance and Administration
Name Designation Period
Makanjola Esan (SAN) Hon. Commissioner 1st oct., 1996
Mr. Adewale Kowe Hon. Commissioner Nov. 1997
Obafemi Adwale Hon. Commissioner June1999 – Oct 23,2002
Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi Hon. Commissioner Oct 2002 – Jan 2003
Chief Duro Aja Jun 2003
Owoseni Ajayi Esq
Hon Oyewole gboyega 2007 – 2010
Modupe Fasanmi SG/PS 18th October, 1996
Mr. C.I. Akintayo Esq. 18th October, 1998
Mr. A.L. Ogunmoye 1st November, 2002
Barr. Dayo Akinlaja Esq Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice
Hon. Wale Fapohunda Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice 2018 – 2022

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