Ministry of Finance And Economic Development

The Ministry of Finance generally handles the Government of Ekiti State’s finance.  The Ministry is saddled with the duty of managing the finances of the State in order to bring about optimal development and progress.

In its efforts at making optimal development and progress in Ekiti State, the Ministry carried out a project which involved the computerization of the State’s pay roll and Bio-metric Data Capture.

The Ministry is divided into Administration and Supplies, Expenditure, State Finances and Expenditure, State Finances and Finance and Accounts Departments.

There are six departments in the Ministry as follows:

  1. Office of the Commissioner
  2. Office of the Perm. Sec
  3. Administration and Supplies
  4. Finance and Accounts
  5. Expenditure
  6. State Finance


To be in the front line in the management of the Financial resources of Ekiti State transparently efficiently and effectively with integrity in a most social beneficial manner.

Our Mission

  1. Promoting a regime of fiscal discipline, Prudence, accountability and transparency .
  2. Restructuring Public expenditure through expert advice in a way that will deliver more public goods and services to the people.
  3. Improving public Financial Management towards higher levels to transparency and compliance with international best practice.
  1. Handling of issues relating to revenue from Internal Sources.
  2. Liaising with Federal Agencies on fiscal matter.
  3. Handling of all insurance matters on behalf of the State Government.
  4. Offering appropriate financial advice to the Government as and when due.
  5. Handling matters relating to Bound.
  6. Handling Bailout related matters.
  7. Handling commercial Bank Loans restructuring.
  8. Serves as Secretariat to Annual Board of Survey and Inquiry.
  9. Liaising with Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal commission (RAMFAC) and other related Agencies.
  10. Processing of appointment of consultants.
  11. Appraisal of Proposal from contractors on contractors financing.
  12. Disbursement of State funds to MDAs
Name Designation
Mr Akintunde Oyebode Hon. Commissioner
Mr James Babasola  Folorunso Permanent Secretary
Mr Jacob S. Adesola Director, Finance and Accounts
Mrs Oyenike Oyeyemi  Kayode-Ojo Director, Administration and Supplies
Mrs Lucy Bolaji Bamisile Director, State Finance
Mr. J. O. Jolumo Director, Expenditure

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