Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources


A clean, safe, healthy, green and beautiful Ekiti State.

Our Mission

Creation of a sustainable, safe, healthy, friendly and aesthetic environment, with mitigating structures to combat ecological challenges for the promotion of improved socio-economic welfare of Ekiti State.

The Ministry of Environment comprises of five departments, they are:

  1. Administration and Supplies
  2. Finance and Accounts
  3. Environmental Health and Sanitation
  4. Nature Conservation
  5. Planning, Research and Statistics

The Ministry also supervises three Parastatals namely;

  1. State Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Ekiti State Waste Management Board
  3. Ekiti State Forestry Commission

The functions of the Ministry are summarised as follows:

  1. To achieve a sustainable healthy environment in Ekiti;
  2. To secure qualitative environment adequate for good health and well being of the masses;
  3. Conserve and use the environment and nature resources for the benefit of present and future generation;
  4. To enforce forestry laws and regulation for the control and protection of the State’s forestry resources;
  5. To promote public awareness and understanding of essential linkage between environment resources and development;
  6. To encourage individual and community participation in environment efforts;
  7. To collaborate with relevant stakeholders on environment matters;
  8. To check and control erosion and flooding problems in Ekiti State;
  9. To monitor and control all forms of environmental degradation;
  10. To restore, maintain and enhance the ecosystem and ecological processes essential for the functioning of the biosphere so as to preserve biological diversity.

Functions of Admin & Supplies Department
The major functions are outlined below:

  • Handle all personal issues; including discipline and welfare of staff;
  • Procurement and supply of basic office items, equipment and furniture;
  • Handle staff training;
  • Management, control and supervision of stores;
  • Maintenance of vehicle and other capital assets;
  • Processing of retirement papers;
  • Other related assignments on the directive of the Accounting Officer.

Functions of Waste Management Board
To make Ekiti State cleaner and a better place through effective Waste Management, the Ministry embarks vigorously on:

  • Intensified effort on waste collection and waste segregation;
  • Provision of Waste Bins and zoning Towns and villages for waste collection;
  • Establishes and maintains approved sanitary landfill sites within the State for the disposal of waste;
  • Sets guidelines and monitors private sector participation in the maintenance of waste management vehicles and equipment.

Functions of Environmental Protection Agency
The Ministry provides effective protection of the environment through:

  • Erosion and Flood Control
  • Environmental Education and Awareness
  • Planning and Monitoring
  • Pollution Abatement Technology
  • Watershed Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  1. Environmental Protection Agency:
    • Rehabilitation of a stretch of Are – Iworoko Road. (Drainage Improvement Work)
  2. Environmental Health & Sanitation:
    • State Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise;
    • Routine Sanitary Inspection;
    • Pests and Vector Control;
    • Fumigation of Dumpsites;
    • Environmental Complaints;
    • Meeting with stakeholders;
    • Food Handlers Test;
    • Issues of Tobacco Smoking;
    • Enforcement and Prosecution;
    • Establishment of Environmental Sanitation Task Force Called “KICK AGAINST BAD ACTS” (KABA)
    • Establishment of Environmental Monitoring Committee.
  3. Conserving Nature:
    • Clearing of road medians and maintenance of roundabout within the State capital.
  4. Preservation of Forest Reserve:
      Government forest reserves are adequately protected by the Ministry through the under listed measures embarked upon by the Ministry:

      • Policy initiation and execution in managing and developing the entire forest area of Ekiti State;
      • Enforcement of Forestry Laws and Regulations for the control and protection of the State’s Forests;
      • Sustainable management of the forests to meet the economic, social and ecological needs of the people of the State;
      • Aggressive Industrial Forest Plantation establishment to meet the timber/wood needs of the State and also for export (i.e. to earn foreign exchange);
      • Control and monitoring of the based industries in the State.
  5. Forest Regeneration
    • In February 2016, the State Government approved the sum of eleven million six hundred thousand eight hundred naira (N11,600,800.00) for forest regeneration activities in the state.
Name Designation
Honorable Commissioner
Mr Babatunde Alokan Permanent Secretary
Administrative and Supplies
Mrs. Owolabi Grace Ronke Director, Administration and Supplies
Mr. Ajayi Idowu Joshua Assistance Secretary
Mrs. Oluwafemi Funmilayo I. Chief Executive Officer
Finance and Accounts
Mr. Oloworemo oluwole Director Finance and Accounts
Mr. Owolabi Olufemi John Accountant Planning Research and Statistics
Mr. Adeleye Akinlolu Olumide Director, Planning Research and Statistics
Nature Conservation
Mr. Adelana Abiodun Andrew Director, Nature Conservation
Environmental Health and Sanitation
Mr. Balogun Joseph Tunde Director, Environmental Health and Sanitation
Forestry Department
Mr. Akinluyi Felix Sunday Director, Forestry
Mr. Akinola Adedapo Kayode Director, Afforestration
Mr. Faboya Isreal Oluwadare Director, Forest Extension
Mr. Adewumi Adedayo Deputy Director, Forestry
Mr. Famuagun Mathew Olurotimi Deputy Director, Forestry
Internal Auditor
Mrs. Obayemi Joseph C. K. Internal Auditor

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