Hospitals’ Management Board

The Ekiti State Hospital management Board is made up of Medical services Department, Nursing Services Department, Pharmaceutical Services Department, Planning Research and Statistics Department, the Administrative Department and Accounts Department.


To strengthen the secondary health system such that it would be able to provide effective, efficient, qualitative and accessible secondary health services to all.


To develop a robust secondary health care system, making it an effective link between the primary and tertiary health institutions.

To provide effective partnership and collaborations between various health actors while safeguarding the identity of each.

To facilitate equitable delivery of secondary health service to residents in Ekiti State.To promote and ensure provision of adequate health personnel and in right mix across secondary health care facilities.

To provide conductive environment for continuous training and re-training of health personnel to ensure provision of globally acceptable quality of health services.

  1. To oversee and maintain all the State-owned Secondary Hospitals’ working within the frame work of the State and National Health Policies;
  2. Procurement and maintenance of basic hospital equipment for the 20 state owned Secondary Health Facilities;
  3. Maintenance of Hospitals equipment to make them durable.
  4. Regular monitoring of the staff in the facilities and appropriate sanction(s) applied on erring officer;
  5. Planning and Budget preparation and implementation for the secondary health facilities to meet their areas of needs;
  6. Supervision of Drug Management System across the Secondary Health Care facilities;
  7. Documentation and rendering of health data on disease patterns from the notifiable disease for the collation and action by the State Ministry of Health;
  8. Recruitment and replacement of qualified and suitable staff to avoid dearth of personnel in the health facilities;
  9. Provide the State Government adequate reports on the state secondary health facilities through appropriate quarters on the progress report of the facilities under its care;
  10. To meet periodically with other tiers of health service providers(Tertiary & Primary) to cross- fertilize ideas and ensure seamless delivery of the health care service in the state;
  11. Preparation of Annual Appropriate Account, Salaries and wages, as well as preparation of Capital Estimate;
  12. Financial Management Services such as: control and maintenance of accounting records, book of accounts and book of assets;
  13. To handle matters relating to appointments, postings, Promotions/Advancements, discipline and preparation of personnel estimates;
  14. Processing of resignation, withdrawal, retirement and death benefits of staff;
  15. Conveyance of the Board meetings and general correspondence (memo, e.t.c);
  16. Accommodation, sanitation and general supplies to the Board;
  17. Maintenance of Government physical asset including vehicles, office equipment, buildings, furniture and fittings;
  18. Utility Services which includes electricity, telephone and water supplies;
  19. General Procurement Supervision of items procured or stored;
  20. Rendition of appropriate returns;
  21. Collation and rendition and revenue returns;
  22. Maintenance and control of revenue records;
  23. Rendition of monthly Revenue Statements of the Board and Revenue chart for Progress Analysis;
  24. Processing of approvals for release of funds;
  25. Attending to relevant financial matters;
  26. Interpretation of financial circulars;
  27. Budgetary control and preparation of other charges estimates;
  28. Preparation of Annual Account, Salaries and Wages and Preparation of Capital Estimates;
  29. Control and Maintenance of Accounting Records, Books of Accounts and Books of Assets;
  30. Overheads and Capital Payments;
  31. To ensure delivery of efficient medical service across all secondary health facilities;
  32. Monitoring and Evaluation of standards of all the hospitals under its control;
  33. To advise the management on the procurement of equipment needs of all the hospitals;
  34. To see that cordial relationship exists between the hospitals and the communities they serve through the relationship of hospital’s management committees;
  35. To see that inter-cadre cordial relationship exists within the hospitals for efficient health care service delivery.
  36. Monitoring and Supervision of the Hospitals and HMB projects;
  37. Grading of Hospitals;
  38. Preparation of Annual Budget Rolling Plan of the HMB
  39. Co-ordination of all Secondary Hospitals Programmes in the State and liaison with the Ministry of Health on Hospitals’ matters.
  40. Supervision and Secondary Hospitals Management Information System;
  41. Carrying out Secondary Hospitals Research;
  42. Collection, collation and analysis of Secondary Hospitals progress report;
  43. Supply of data on requests;
  44. Providing, directing and execution of Nursing Services;
  45. Monitoring and Supervision of Nursing and the health support staff to ensure quality services to consumers;
  46. Co-ordinate infection control and health care waste management system in the health facilities;
  47. Advises the Board of Nursing training Needs;
  48. Holding of quarterly meeting with the Heads of Nursing units in the twenty (20) secondary health facilities;
  49. Facilities the process of keeping Nurses abreast of modern trends and developments in Nursing services management and dissemination of information;
  50. Co-ordinates Nursing staff development training programmes (in liaison with SMOH) and makes recommendation for approval of in-service training and update courses for Nurses;
  51. Ensure safe and good standard of care for patients clients through appointment of qualified personnel and staff distribution;
  52. Ensuring and efficient Drug Management System (DSM) in the SHC facilities;
  53. Development, Launching, Monitoring and Supervision of the Drug Resolving Fund (DRF) System in the SHC with other stakeholders;
  54. DRF data collection, analysis and processing;
  55. Ensuring robust financial management system of the DRF;
  56. Annual appraisal of Drug Management and Support System and Sanctions;
  57. Capacity building of various cadres of staff on Drug Management system
  58. Drug Revolving Fund, Rational Drug Use (RUD), Inventory Management Control etc;
  59. Maintaining internal linkages with the other departments in SHMB and hospitals; External linkages with SMOH, Central Medical Store, PHCDA, NGOs, Development partners etc to ensure improved health care delivery.
Name Designation Period
Dr. O.K Aina Permanent Secretary 2012
Name Designation
Dr. (Mrs.) Folakemi Olomojobi Permanent Secretary
Mr Kunle Adeleye Director, Admin. & Supplies
Dr.B.J Adeyemi Director, Planning, Research & Stat
Dr.W.M.Afolabi Director, Medical Services.
Mr.O.P.Akerele Director, Finance & Accounts
Pharm. A.Kolawole Director, Pharmaceutical Services
Mrs .F.olaiya Director, Nursing Services

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