Board Of Internal Revenue


To be a noble Revenue Institution with professional expertise, working within the law for optimum collection of the development of the state.

To serve the public with quality services expertise and respect that will ensure maximum cooperation between the public and internal Revenue staff

Our Mission

To serve the resident communities and government agencies within the state through provision of quality and transparent customer- oriented services;

To mobilize Revenue for State development in transparent, fair, effective and efficient manner;

To apply the Tax Law in a way that enhances voluntary compliance in the payment of Tax;

Making use of the modern technology to build a more reliable, accountable and professional Revenue Board;

To build a confident, well trained, disciplined and highly motivated staff;

The core functions of the Board of Internal Revenue include:

  1. Tax drive on Revenue collection.
  2. Investigation and enumeration of existing tax payers.
  3. Issuing of Tax clearance certificate to tax payers.
  4. Raising and review of tax assessments to Tax payers.
  5. Giving assessment notices to taxpayers.
  6. In charge of PAYE of MDAs, School and institutions.

The Board of Internal Revenue is situated at Old Governor’s Office, Oke-Ori Omi, Ado-Ekiti. To ensure wider coverage of Ado-Ekiti town, additional 4 offices were created within the town. The Board also has offices across the 16 Local Governments Areas in the State to ensure and enable easy access to taxpayers at the grassroots. The headquarters consists of 10 departments and some units to ensure effective service delivery to taxpayers. The departments are highlighted here-under:

  1. Administration and Supplies:-
    1. Registry
    2. Stores
    3. Drivers
    4. Security
    5. Gardener
  2. ICT Department:-
    1. TIN Unit
    2. e-Receipt
    3. Vehicle Registration Unit
    4. Tax-Education and Enquries
  3. Finance and Accounts Department
  4. Tax Audit and Investigation
  5. PAYE and Headquarters Assessment
  6. Enforcement and Monitoring
  7. Signage and Other State Taxes
    1. Pools Betting
    2. Stamp Duties
  8. Legal Department
  9. Road Taxes Department
  10. Internal Audit

The Board also has two liaison offices both at Lagos State and Abuja wherein members of Staff were posted to ensure effectiveness and efficiency and good service delivery to taxpayers.

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