Bureau of Tourism Development

The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism development is made up four units which includes:

  1. Tourism Board
    • Tourism Infrastructure Development
    • Hospitality & Hotels
    • Tourism Enterprises
    • Internal Audit
  2. Finance & Accounts
  3. Administration
  4. Tourism Sites

Functional Overview

  1. Tourist Attraction Development
  2. Benchmark (local & int’l tourism giants)
  3. Inter state Government, partnership, affiliation & Collaboration with tourism bodies worldwide
  4. Training/HR Capacity Building
  5. Viable partnerships with the Private sector (PPP’s & Concessions)
  6. Commercialization

Contact Details
Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development,
Mutual House, 3rd Floor,
Okesa Street, Ado-Ekiti

07034058786, 08033881940, 08025011434


Vision & Mission

Making Ekiti State a most attractive destination for relaxation and holidays by building a heliport, world-class hotel and accommodation facilities; developing Efon, Okemesi, Ikogosi, Ipole-Iloro tourism corridor.


Make Ekiti state a most attractive destination for relaxation and holidays

Attain regional leadership in Tourism Development

Attain national recognition by December 2012

Transform Ekiti to a significant national and international tourist destination

Make Ekiti an all-year round tourist destination state

Brand Ekiti as a friendly, peaceful, stable and secure state

Position Tourism as the driver and catalyst for the development of the state and the region

Compete favourably in the global tourism market place

Appoint and achieve through competent teams, benchmarking of successful tourist giant states and countries (e.g. Cross River in Nigeria, Kenya, Jamaica, Gambia, China, United Kingdom and USA etc.)


  1. Branding, Communication and Marketing Strategy for Ekiti State Tourism
  2. New Office Accommodation
  3. Sub-Brand Strategy for Ikogosi Resort, Arinta Waterfalls & Fajuyi Park
  4. Design & Development of Hospitality Database and Hospitality Sector Growth
  5. Video/Media Coverage of Existing Conditions of Tourist Sites for Archival Purposes
  6. Design of Workable Action Plan for Tourism Development
  7. Rehabilitation of Existing Structures and Design & Build Re-Development of Ikogosi Warm Springs & Resort
  8. Construction and Installation of Outdoor Billboard Exposures for Promotion, Publicity and Marketing of Tourism Sites
  9. Siting of Directional Signage at Various Identified Locations in/out of Ekiti State
  10. Established Official Tourism Website
  11. Search and Appointment for the Manager / Operator for Ikogosi Resort, Arinta Waterfalls & Fajuyi Park
  12. Job Placement For Youth Volunteers To Boost Relevant Skills’ Acquisition

Principal Officers

Name Designation
              – Hon. Special Adviser, Tourism Development
Prince Kayode Oni General Manager, Tourism Board
              – Special Assistant, Tourism Development

Past Heads