Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Bureau of Tourism Development

The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development was created by bifurcation from the now defunct Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism in August, 2023 by the pronouncement of a man with an uncommon passion for Tourism development, Governor, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, (BAO) the Executive Governor of Ekiti State.
The creation pave way for the immediate posting of an Executive Secretary M. B. Owoeye (Mrs.) to pilot the affairs of the Bureau till the appointment of a political head in October, 2023.

Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development Announces Strategic Partnership with the Press
The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the Press, aimed at enhancing the visibility and global acceptance of the state’s rich tourism assets. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging the power of media to create awareness about both the tangible and intangible cultural and natural attractions that Ekiti State offers.
Tourism is not just about exploring destinations; it is about storytelling, about showcasing the unique heritage, breath taking landscapes, and vibrant culture that define a place. The Press plays an indispensable role in this narrative, serving as a bridge between our local treasures and the wider world. By engaging with the media, we can ensure that the stories of Ekiti State’s tourism assets reach a global audience, fostering greater appreciation and attracting more visitors.
Our strategic partnership with the Press is based on mutual recognition of the critical role that effective communication plays in tourism development.
The Bureau of Tourism Development is committed to not relegating the Press into the background. Instead, we are bringing the Press to the forefront of our promotional efforts, ensuring that every remarkable aspect of Ekiti State is highlighted and celebrated.
This collaboration will involve regular press briefings, familiarization tours, and exclusive media events designed to provide journalists with first hand experiences of our tourism offerings. By doing so, we aim to equip the Press with compelling stories and vivid images that will captivate audiences worldwide.
Ekiti State is home to a wealth of tourism assets, from stunning natural landscapes and historic landmarks to vibrant festivals and cultural practices. Through our partnership with the Press, we are confident that these assets will receive the recognition they deserve, positioning Ekiti State as a premier tourism destination.
We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Press and are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring.
Together, we will shine a spotlight on the beauty and uniqueness of Ekiti State, inviting the world to discover and enjoy our rich tourism offerings.
This partnership is a significant step towards making Ekiti State a globally recognized tourism destination. We thank the Press for their continued support and dedication to promoting the essence of Ekiti State.

The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development is the official governing body for Tourism development in Ekiti State, Our primary mission is to foster sustainable Tourism development that not only stimulates economic growth but also preserves and enhances Ekiti State’s natural and Tourism resources and assets.


The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism is the government agency responsible for the promotion and development of the Tourism industry in Ekiti State. The Bureau works to showcase the state’s diverse cultural, historical, and natural attractions to both local and international visitors.


Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development aims at creating memorable and enriching experiences for tourists while ensuring their safety and well-being during their stay in our beloved state. The Bureau showcases Ekiti State’s rich cultural heritage, landscapes, and hospitality. The Bureau aims to stimulate economic growth while preserving natural and cultural resources. From the Ikogosi Warm Springs to the Arinta Waterfalls and the Abanijorin Rock hike amongst others, Ekiti offers diverse attractions for adventure, history, and nature enthusiasts.

Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development collaborates with communities to preserve traditions, and our well- equipped visitor centers provide comprehensive Tourism information. Visit Ekiti State for unforgettable experiences, blending natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.

  • Our Vision

To make Ekiti State the most preferred Tourism destination in Nigeria

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the economic and social well- being of Ekiti state by positioning it as a top-tier tourist destination. We strive to attract visitors from around the world, providing them with memorable experiences, showcasing our state’s unique offerings, and nurturing sustainable Tourism practices.

  • Our Goals

To be recognized globally as a leading Tourism Bureau for promoting and facilitating sustainable Tourism experiences, highlighting the diverse cultural, historical, and natural attractions of Ekiti state by:

1.0 Increasing Tourist Arrivals:

Through strategic marketing initiatives, collaborations, and promotional campaigns, we aim to continuously boost the number of tourists visiting our state.

2.0 Enhancing visitor satisfaction:

We endeavor to enhance visitor satisfaction by providing exceptional tourist experiences, seamless infrastructure, and excellent customer service.

3.0 Promoting sustainable Tourism practices::

We are committed to promoting sustainable Tourism practices that minimize the environmental impact, preserve cultural heritage, and support local economies.

3.0 Promoting sustainable Tourism practices:

We aim to foster collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including businesses, government agencies, local communities, and Tourism industry professionals, to collectively work towards the growth and development of our state’s Tourism sector.

4.0 Fostering collaboration:

We strive to continuously develop and promote a diverse range of Tourism offerings, including cultural festivals, outdoor adventures, historic landmarks, culinary experiences, and vibrant arts and entertainment venues

5.0 Developing diverse Tourism offerings:

We strive to continuously develop and promote a diverse range of Tourism offerings, including cultural festivals, outdoor adventures, historic landmarks, culinary experiences, and vibrant arts and entertainment venues.

1.0 Sustainability:

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable Tourism practices that protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage, and contribute to the overall well-being of our communities.

2.0 Excellence:

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, ensuring memorable and high-quality experience by visitors

3.0 Collaboration:

We believe in fostering strong partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders to achieve shared goals and positive outcomes.

4.0 Innovation:

We embrace innovation and continuously seek new and creative approach to strengthen our state’s Tourism sector.

5.0  Inclusivity:

We are committed to promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity among visitors, employees, and local communities, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued in our state

  • The Bureau shall operate as a corporate body solely with the responsibility of promoting Tourism and providing tourist facilities and all and any other related ancillary activity, business, opportunities and engagements throughout Ekiti State. It can enter into agreements, business relationships and contracts relating to its mandate on behalf of the Government of Ekiti State and shall be directly supervised by the Governor of Ekiti State.
  • Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism shall have the following responsibilities and functions:
  1. To Initiate, formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Tourism
  2. To Promotion of investment in hotels and development of Tourism projects
  3. To provide Tourism promotion, advisory services and information dissemination
  4. To promote the establishment and licensing of hotels, guest houses, parks, amusement centers, historic monuments, exhibition centers, museums, art galleries, gardens, recreation grounds, waterfronts, hills and mountains, holiday resorts, souvenir industries, game and wildlife reserves and other places of interest
  5. Tourism research and development
  6. Tourism and hospitality training
  7. To Establish, manage, operate and maintain Tourism Development fund
  8. To foster relations with Tourism related institutions and all other government ministries, departments, agencies, parastatal, private bodies etc, as may be necessary to achieve its goals
  9. Relations with and regulation of tour operators and travel agents within the State.
  10. Registration, classification and regulation of Tourism establishments (Hotels, Motels, Inns. Restaurants, etc)
  11. To Facilitate Tourism land allocation and liaison with relevant Agencies
  12. To Facilitate plan for Tourism project
  13. To Monitor of private sector Tourism project implementation and development
  14. To foster relationships with public and private organizations and individuals on all Tourism matters and ancillary activities and services to develop Tourism in Ekiti State
  15. To identify and promote the Tourism potentials of every town, kingdom and Local Government Area of the State
  16. To protect, preserve and Management all types and forms of Tourism assets Supervision of entertainment outfits, institutions organizations and bodies including films and censorship board
  17. To establish, oversee, manage and fund the Ekiti Tourism Vanguard
  18. To Liaise with Federal Ministry of Tourism as well as International Organizations. Registration, classification and regulation of places of entertainment and recreation such as night clubs, pool betting and gaming machines.
  19. To encourage the provision of medical, shopping, transport, communication, information, foreign exchange and other services as may be deemed necessary for the promotion of Tourism in Ekiti Stat
  20. To establish of a mini- exhibition centre for the purpose of projecting the image of the State.
  21. To encourage the development of other trades or industry as the Bureau my consider supplemental or incidental to the promotion of Tourism in the state
  22. To Promote entertainment & Tourism related Matters
  23. Encourage the provision and improvement of tourist amenities in the state including the development of hotels and ancillary facilities
  24. To contribute to, support or reimburse expenditure incurred by any other person or organization carrying on any activity to promote Tourism.
  25. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Governor.
  • The Bureau is headed by the Director-General as the highest ranking officer who is appointed by the Governor. The Director-General reports directly to the Governor on all matters relating to the Bureau, it operation, business and activities.
  • Assisting the Director-General on the political side, the Special Assistant (Tourism Development) also appointed by the Governor. The Special Assistant receives directives from the Director General and also provides technical advice and support to the Bureau on all matters as may be required or requested. The D-G may also delegate some tasks or routine responsibilities to the SA which shall be routed through the Executive Secretary from time to time as deemed fit.
  • On the Bureaucratic side, the Executive Secretary (Accounting Officer) is the second most senior officer in the Bureau. The Executive Secretary receives directives from and report directly to the Director-General on all matters. The power of the Executive-Secretary is as much as may be determined by the Head of Civil Service and Director-General. The D-G may also delegate some tasks or routine responsibilities to the SA from time to time as deemed fit.
  • Next to the Executive-Secretary are the Directors, Administration & Supplies (DAS), Finance & Accounts (DFA) and Director of Tourism (DOT).
  • The DAS oversees all administrative functions of the Bureau including drafting, management and employment of staff as well as procurement of equipment and materials.
  • The DFA on the other hand manages the finances of the Bureau. He also keep accounting records and ensure that funds are readily available whenever required.
  • Both DAS & the DFA prepare budgets for the Bureau and keep track of expenditure.
  • Both the DAS and DFA report directly to the Executive-Secretary but could be summoned by the Director-General.
  • The Director of Tourism (DOT) coordinates the Tourism Officers towards achieving the Tourism Vision and mandate of the Bureau and report to the DG through the ES.
  • Due to the technical nature of Tourism management, all the other department and units are permitted to report directly to the Director-General and receive direction from the D-G. The D-G oversees all the affairs of the Bureau and all her staff

Political Heads

i. Amb. Wale Ojo Lanre – Director – General (3rd October, 2023 till date.

ii. Michael Peculiar EKiran, SA, Tourism Dev. (9th April, 2024 till date.

Accounting Officers

i. Mrs. M. B. Owoeye, Executive Secretary (18th August, 2023 – 8th February, 2024)

ii. Adegboyega Morakinyo, Executive Secretary (8th February till date).


i. Ogunjobi, Jacob. S         – Director of Admin and Supplies:

ii. Akinwumi, O. Sunday    – Director of Finance and Accounts:

iii. Ogunsola, Oluwafemi   – (Retired) Director of Tourism

iv. Jinadu, K. OlaOluwa      – Director Of Tourism:

v. Adediran, Segun. B        – Chief Internal Auditor:

Office Address
Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development,
2nd Floor, Cabinet Department Wing,
Governor’s Office,
Ado-Ekiti. Ekiti State.
South West, Nigeria.


Phone Numbers

– The Director General, Bureau of Tourism Development: 0803-349-0986l

– The Executive Secretary, Bureau of Tourism Development: 0803-313-2234

– The Special Assistant Tourism Development: 0907-200-6231


  1.  E-mail Addresses

– Official Email of The Bureau:,

– Emails of the DG, Tourism Development:,

– Emails of the ES, Tourism Development:

– Emails of the SA, Tourism Development:,


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