Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Ekiti State Signages and Advertisement Agency

Ekiti State Signages and Advertisement Agency is responsible for regulating and generating of revenues from outdoor signages and advertisement in Ekiti State.

The Agency is divided into Administration and Supply, Finance and Accounts Departments.

The Agency also has the following Units operating within it:

      1. Open Registry
      2. Audit
      3. Information
      4. Store
      5. Works
      6. Enforcement & Operation

Contact Details

Ekiti Signage and Advertisement Agency, Phase IV State Secretariat, Ado – Ekiti.


To use revenue generated through advertisement to drive the development strategy of government.

Our Mission

To moderate and regulate outdoor structures for Signage and Advertisement in Ekiti State.

  1. Control outdoor structures to be used for signage and advertisement.
  2. Issue licenses and permites for the construction and placement of outdoor structures in any part of the State.
  3. Protect the environment from potential adverse impact of visual blights.
  4. Control the number, size and location of outdoor structures.
  5. Ensure that outdoor structures are soundly and carefully designed, erected, modified, maintained or remove when it is no longer in use to avoid potential damage to lives and property.
  6. Ensure that outdoor structures are compatible with surrounding land use and environment.
  7. Ensure the beautification of immediate surrounding and vicinity of outdoor advert.
  8. Control the pasting and display of posters on public structures and highways.
  9. Organize the procedures to regulate the ownership and operation of outdoor structures for the purpose of signages or advertisement under specific regulations as contained in the law.
Name Designation
           – Director General
O. T. Akomolafe Direction, Administration and Supply
Mrs. M. L. Akinola Director, Finance and Acounts
Name Designation Period
Chief Safe Adewumi Director General 2008 – 2009
Akin Oluwalaye Director General 2009
Chief Femi Ajayi Director General 2010
Isola Akingbade Director General 2010 – 2014

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