Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Ekiti State Mortgage Board

The Ekiti State Mortgage Board is a creation of the Ekiti State Government. Established in May 2020 with the sole aim of making home ownership accessible and affordable to interested persons in the State. We believe that affordable housing provides citizens the opportunity to not only enjoy their fundamental human rights, but also enables families grow and make memories that last a lifetime in a home that belongs to them

Our responsibility is to provide accessible and affordable housing to the people of Ekiti State and other persons interested in home ownership in Ekiti. We do this by sourcing mortgage opportunities, negotiating and partnering with key stakeholders in the Real estate sector to bring the best opportunities to our people.


By virtue of Section 9 of the EKITI STATE MORTGAGES AND FORECLOSURE LAW, 2020 which is the establishing law of the Board, other functions of the Board include the following;


  1. To create a conducive environment for accessible and affordable mortgages for the benefit of residents of the State;
  2. To advise the Governor on the funding, administration and structure of the State mortgage finance program or policy for the benefit of the residents of the State;
  3. To harmonize any mortgage scheme or policy which the State has or may put in place from time to time in connection with the making, processing, placing, registering or administration of mortgages;
  4. To implement and honour on behalf of the State all obligations in any agreement made between the State and other parties with regards to any mortgage scheme for the provision of funds for land ownership or development of real estate in the State;
  5. To report to the State any default or breach on the part of any of the parties to any obligations or requirements in the agreement mentioned in (d) above and recommend and seek the approval of the State on ways of remedying such default or breach by a defaulting party;
  6. To encourage, promote and co-ordinate all forms of research concerned with the mortgage lending industry as it relates to economic well-being of the State and its residents, the stamping and registration system relating to mortgages in the State, the mode of application for Governor’s consent or the consent of the appropriate Local Government Area relating to mortgage transactions, and generally to disseminate same to the State government and the public;
  7. To encourage and actively promote the use of modern information and communication technology within the State for purposes connected with the implementation of this Law, including digitization of the interface between the Land Registry and the Mortgage Registry, and the processes leading up to the perfection of mortgages;
  8. To ensure the effective management and operation of the Mortgage Registry;
  9. To advise the State on the adoption of standards and policies under which mortgages should be provided;
  10. To advise the State on the mortgage lending industry;
  11. To advise the State on maintaining a central database of mortgages and transactions secured on real property in the State;

Where applicable, to act as an intermediary between the State, its residents and mortgage brokers and lenders; and perform such other functions as may from time to time be referred to it by the Governor upon the approval of the Executive Council.

The Vision of Ekiti State Mortgage Board is to make home ownership affordable and accessible to individuals interested in becoming home owners in Ekiti State regardless of their social class, job type and income level and gender.

The Mission of Ekiti State Mortgage Board (EKMB) is to eliminate the barriers to home ownership and help interested persons fulfil their housing needs by providing information, affordable payment structures, housing opportunities and proper public enlightenment.

  1. Trust
  2. Excellence
  3. PArtnerhip
  4. ConforMity
  5. NetWorking
  6. CollabOration
  7. PRoductivity
  8. Hard worK

To make this vision possible, we partner with other government agencies and private mortgage institutions to make this dream a reality. So far, we have an existing partnership with the Family Homes Funds, the Nigerian Mortgage Finance Company, Cooperative Mortgage Bank and Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

  1. What is Ekiti State Mortgage Board (EKMB)?

Ekiti State Mortgage Board (EKMB) is a board set up by the state government to help fulfil the housing needs and make home ownership affordable and accessible to the people of Ekiti State and others interested in residing and investing in the Real estate sector in Ekiti State.

  1. What is the purpose of EKMB?

The primary purpose of EKMB is to eliminate the barriers to home ownership and help the people of Ekiti from diverse backgrounds, social strata and income levels actualize their dreams of home ownership at an affordable rate and in a conducive environment

  1. How can I apply to become a House Owner?

You can start by showing an expression of interest on our website or visit our office at Ground Floor, Ministry of Justice Complex, State Secretariat, Ado-Ekiti or send us an email at

  1. How long does it takes to complete the payment?

This depends on the property of interest, the cost and the agreement reached and signed between the intending property owner, the primary mortgage lender and the mortgage board.

  1. What is the minimum amount I need to pay for me to own a building?

You will need to pay a percentage of the property sum as a down payment and this shall be communicated in due time.

  1. Are the location and facilities safe and secured?

Yes, the location and facilities are 100% safe and secured.

  1. Do I have to be an indigene of Ekiti State before I can apply?

No, but you must be interested in home ownership in Ekiti State.

  1. What makes a person eligible to buy a house?

The desire to become a home owner and a credible source of income to ensure you can meet up with your mortgage obligations. For applicants in a paid/salary employment, we profile them to determine eligibility. While for those in the informal sector, there will be a need to look into their bank statements of account.

  1. Applicant must be an indigene or reside within Ekiti State.
  2. Applicants must be willing to own a house within Ekiti State.
  3. Applicants must be 21 years and above, but under 60 years of age.
  4. Applicants must have a verifiable and legitimate source of income.
  5. Applicants should be creditworthy and be committed to repayment of the loan
  6. All Successful Applicants are expected to first pay 30% of the value of the house they intend to own.
  7. Houses that are purchased under the scheme must be occupied by the beneficiary and they cannot be transferred or rented out until all obligations have been met and fulfilled.

Successful Applicants must have been working for his/her current employer for at least six months (and must be confirmed in writing by the employer).

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