Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.


The Ekiti State Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency (EK-WASRA) was created in March 2021, in accordance with  Section 56 (1) of the Water Law, 2021, ‘’There shall be established a Regulatory Agency called the Ekiti State Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency (EK-WASRA) (hereinafter known as ‘the Regulatory Agency)’’ transitioning from a regulatory Agency under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities. The responsibilities of the EK-WASRA included, among others, the following: issuance of license, establish and enforce standards based on developed guidelines for supervision of sector institutions; mediate between service providers and consumers; develop a methodology for setting tariffs; and regulate tariffs charged to consumers.


The Regulatory Agency had developed Strategic Plan and three (3) Regulations in order to bring standard and sanity among utilities and service providers in the WASH sector with varieties of activities that will benefit all the stakeholders and ensure return on investment of Government in the sector. The developed documents are:

  1. Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022
  2. Drilling (Boreholes) License and Groundwater Management Regulations
  3. Licensing of Utilities and Service Providers Regulations and;
  4. Quality of Service Regulations
  5. Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026 (on-going)

Ekiti State WASH Policy, 2020

Ekiti State Water Resources Framework

New licensing of utilities and service providers

New RA Drilling-License-and-Groundwater-Regulation

New RA Ekiti quality of service Regulations

Signed copy No. 2 of 2021 – Ekiti State WASH bill, 2021.


Setting standard for sustainable service and efficient regulation

Our Mission

To carry out effective regulation through: (1) Rigorous awareness campaign and advocacy (2) Effective monitoring of service provider (3) Provide customer’s feedback complaint platform

Slogan: Water for our benefit, its sustainability, our collective responsibility


  • To create awareness among the populace on the EK-WASRA activities and functions
  • To carry out effective monitoring of service provider
  • To develop customer’s feedback platform

Regulator tools and Guidelines:  

Strategic Plan document, Performance Monitoring Indicators, Minimum Service Level guideline (MSL), Tariff Setting Guidelines, M & E Framework, Reporting Framework, Water Quality Monitoring Guideline, Customers Compliant Feedback mechanism

Benefit: Create an identity for the Regulatory Agency as well as setting standards for the water sector


The Regulatory Agency shall be guided by the following principles in discharging its duties:

  1. Transparency

All activities of the regulatory shall be carried out in a free and open manner so as to foster participation in all its undertakings, particularly those that boarder on decision making. The Regulatory Agency shall endeavor to provide full and truthful information to the decision makers to positively influence the decision making process.  The Regulatory Agency shall also be coherent and consistent in its decisions.

  1. Fairness

All decision made by the regulator shall be done in a fair manner bearing in mind the interests of the various stakeholders. Hence, the regulatory tools, to the extent possible, shall be thorough, complete and unambiguous with regards to the rights, responsibilities, expectations and consequences that all stakeholders face.       

  • Efficiency

The functions of the regulatory Agency shall be carried out in a cost effective manner to ensure that the costs of regulation does not outstrip its benefits.

  1. Effectiveness

The Regulatory Agency shall in all means possible discharge the duties for which is was established thereby creating create relevance for regulation.

  1. Accessibility

The regulatory Agency shall be accessible to all stakeholders in order to ensure that despite conflicting interests, public good is upheld.

  1. Professionalism

Staff of the Regulatory Agency shall be proficient in the discharge of their duties in order to command confidence and respect from the stakeholders. Professionalism is key as it influences attainment of objectives and also impacts on the reputation of the Regulatory Agency.

Our Commitment

Staffs of the Regulatory Agency individually and severally commit to be diligent in ensuring that this Strategic Plan is successfully implemented by upholding the guiding principles.

Hon. Commissioner (MIPU)

Engr. Olumide Ajayi

Permanent Secretary

Engr. Osalade Ayodele Julius

General Manager





Engr. Alake S. O

Director, Technical Service and Inspectorate


Engr. Ogunluyi O. P

Director, Enforcement & Customer Relation


Mr.Agunbiade A.



Mrs Awi Eunice


CUSTOMER LINE: 091533333332;


The structure of the agency consist of:

l  Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (As supervising ministry Commissioner) – Prof Mobolaji Aluko

l  Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (As supervising ministry Permanent Secretary) – Engr Olumide Ajayi

l  General Manager, Ekiti State Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency- Engr Osalade Ayodele

l  Directors in charge of the agency’s Departments;

– Director, Technical services and InspectorateEngr Alake Samuel

– Director, Enforcement and Customer RelationEngr (Mrs) Ogunluyi Peace



i.        Finance & Accounts

ii.      Administration & Supply

iii.    Planning, Research & Statistics

iv.     Technical services and Inspectorate

v.      Enforcement and Customer Relation


Immediate Term Proposed Activities

i.        Full implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020 -2022

ii.      Continuous IGR drive for the state

iii.    Continuous  Registration and Licensing  of Water Service Providers

iv.     Mediate between service providers and consumers

v.      Engagement of development partners for support

vi.     Creating more awareness about the functions and responsibilities of the Agency

Short Term  Proposed Activities

1.      Finalization and implementation of Performance Contract document for Water Service Providers

2.      Finalization of the developed regulatory guidelines and hand books

3.      Enforcement of regulations for compliance

4.      Development of SOP guidelines

5.      Publishing of Water Sector Report

6.      Implementation of incentivize regulation on the regulated entities

7.      Development of the EK-WASRA strategic plan 2024 – 2026 (on-going)

Long Term Proposed Activities

i.        Continuous implementation and enforcement of Regulations, guidelines and regulatory instrument for improved service delivery

ii.      Encouragement and Implementation of PPP arrangement in the water and sanitation service delivery

iii.    Creation of consultancy Agency to render regulatory services to Government and Non-governmental clients



The structure of the Agency consist of:

1. The Honourable Commissioner                             –           Professor Mobolaji Aluko

2. The Permanent Secretary                                       –           Engr. Olumide Ajayi

3. General Manager                                                    –           Engr. Osalade Ayodele. J

4. Three (2) Directors

Director (Technical Services and Inspectorate)         –           Engr. Alake Samuel. O

Director (Enforcement & Customer Relation)           –           Engr. Ogunluyi O. Peace

Scientist                                                                      –           Mr Agunbiade Adeniyi

Secretary                                                                                Mrs Awi Eunice

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