Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission – SIEC


To organize, undertake and supervise all elections into the sixteen (16) Local Government Councils in Ekiti State. In further pursuance of this, it is to render such advice as it may consider necessary to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC – a co-electoral management body in the State) on the completion of the register of voters in so far as that register is applicable to Local Government elections in Ekiti State.

Our Mission

To exercise the power conferred on it by Section 9a(i)(c) of Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission (Amendment Law 2011) and other laws enabling it in that behalf, to conduct, to conduct free and fair elections into elective posts in all the Local Government Councils in Ekiti State, in a transparent and efficient manner.

In accordance with Section 9, of the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission Law No.3 of 2001, the functions include the following:

  • Organizing, conducting and supervising all elections and matters pertaining to elections into all elective offices provided for in the Local Government Laws or any other law enacted by the Ekiti State House of Assembly;
  • Monitoring political campaigns and provide rules and regulations which shall govern the election;
  • Ensuring that all Electoral Commissioners, Electoral and Returning Officers take and subscribe to the Oath of Office prescribed by the Law;
  • Conducting voters and civic education leading to Local Government election;
  • Promoting knowledge of sound democratic election processes;
  • Conducting referendum required to be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) or any other law; and
  • Carrying out such functions as may be conferred upon it by any other law.
Name Designation
Barrister Bolanle Wale-Awe Accounting Officer
Mr. O. S. Ogundele DAS
Mrs. Adebayo F. Director, Logistics
Mrs. Abereola B. A. DDAS
Mr. Adebusuyi R. O. ACEO
Mrs. Odewumi T. M. Internal Auditor
Mr. Agbetoke S. A. PM
Mrs. Olayode C. Store Officer
Mr. Ogundana O. Press Officer

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