Fayemi Lights Up Ado-Ekiti

May 22, 2013

“Imole a tun tan l’Ekiti o, imole a tun tan l’Ekiti o, imole Oluwa,atupa Eledumare, imole a tun tan l’Ekiti o.”

Translated, the song means: “The light will shine again in Ekiti, the light will shine in Ekiti, the light of God; the lamp of the Almighty, the light will shine in Ekiti again.”

That was the campaign song of Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State when he was seeking the nomination of his party, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the votes of the electorate as the candidate of his party.

A visit to Ado-Ekiti; the state capital, especially in the night, reveals that the light has started shining in the state.

Until recently, many residents of Ado-Ekiti were always eager to return home as early as possible before nightfall.

This was because of the uncertainty and insecurity that were the features of the darkness that used to envelop all parts of the city in the night, which sent residents early to their homes and beds.

The thick darkness that ruled Ado-Ekiti nightlife then was exploited by men of the underworld who disappeared into thin air after unleashing terror on their victims.

Taxi drivers and commercial motorcycle operators in the city closed for business early because of the low patronage occasioned by the situation.

But the story has changed completely with the installation of modern and sophisticated streetlights at strategic locations in the capital city.

The new streetlights have become the talking point in Ado-Ekiti and other parts of the state as both residents and visitors are impressed by the aesthetic value which the Fayemi administration has added to the state capital.

The streetlights, otherwise known in local parlance as “Ina Fayemi” which literally means “Fayemi’s light,” brought excitement to areas like Adebayo, Basiri, Fajuyi, Okesa, Ojumose, Okeyinmi, Old Garage, Mugbagba, Ijigbo, Ajilosun, Omolayo and Ajebamidele.

“Ina Fayemi” has conferred a new status on Ado-Ekiti as a modern state capital and befitting of its pedigree as one of the fastest growing cities in Nigeria.

The development has given a boost to the nightlife of the city as fun seekers cash in on the brightness of the light to have swell time in various relaxation spots in the city.

Roadside traders, food vendors, pub operators are showering prayers on Governor Fayemi for giving a boost to their businesses and economic empowerment with the new streetlights.

The streetlights have also helped in curbing the activities of criminals who, hitherto, hid under the cover of darkness to carry out their nefarious activities.

Some dark spots in the city which served as operational bases for the undesirable elements have given way as commuters are no longer afraid of being mugged because “there is more hiding place.”

The streetlights were switched on for the first time in December last year ahead of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Visitors have continually showered encomiums on the government for the feat.

Fajuyi and Adebayo areas of Ado-Ekiti were the first neighbourhoods to enjoy the streetlights.

The state government awarded the contract in April, 2012 to replace the much-criticised solar-powered streetlights installed by the previous administration which did not provide light for the city.

In awarding the contract, government believed that the project would further complement its urban renewal initiative aimed at making Ado-Ekiti a modern capital city and change the face of other major towns in the state.

Unable to hide their joy at the splendour of the streetlights, residents are full of praises for Fayemi for beautifying Ado-Ekiti and other towns.

A commercial motorcycle operator, Ikechukwu Momah, said the streetlights have turned around Ado-Ekiti, even as he said the streetlights have made the city attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Momah said: “I have been in Ado-Ekiti for the past five years and we have not seen something like this in the past. The brightness of the light will make you forget that time has been far spent because you now find more people outside.

“This will even make you feel that it is still day time. Many drivers and motorcyclists now put off their headlights because the light is so bright to illuminate the roads.

“I give kudos to the government of the day. They should keep it up. I pray that the Almighty God will give the governor the strength to continue because I have not seen this type of light in Ado-Ekiti before.

“He is fulfilling the promises he made during campaigns and everybody is seeing it. Although some people are trying to distract him from this good work, he is doing, they will not succeed in Jesus’ name.”

Alaarin Ajasin, a taxi driver, said the streetlights installed by the Fayemi government has boosted his business and given him opportunity to work till later part of the day.

His words: “Before now, I used to close from work around 7pm because of the darkness that we used to experience at the time. But the story has changed.

“I now go home around 10pm because the light we now enjoy in the night has extended my closing time to enable me to maximise profits by carrying more passengers.

“I so much love these streetlights. We have never seen such in Ekiti State and it has turned Ado-Ekiti to a beautiful state capital.”

Another resident, Gbenga Ojo, lauded Governor Fayemi for lighting up the Ado-Ekiti skyline with the streetlights.

He explained that those who had visited the city a long time ago will be surprised next time they come around. He urged the governor not to relent in executing more people-oriented projects.

A student, Gbadebo Akinwande said Governor Fayemi has achieved within two years what his predecessors failed to achieve during their full tenures, even as he commended the governor for establishing key projects in other communities.

Akinwande said: “What I can say about this wonderful project is that God bless Ekiti State, God bless Ekiti people and God bless Governor Fayemi.

“The man is doing a wonderful job and we must commend him for that. Look at the environment and you can see the radiance and brightness.

“All he has done for us, let him continue to do them. We have seen many governors in this state. We knew what they did. But this man’s record in two years has surpassed them all.

“We have seen what he is doing not only in Ado-Ekiti but in other towns and communities with projects that are transforming the lives of the ordinary people of the state.”

Another Ado-Ekiti resident, Sunday Ajayi, said the transformation going on in Ekiti State would be rewarded by voters at the 2014 governorship election.

Ajayi said: “This is the first time Ekiti people enjoying real dividends of democracy from a government that really cares about the people.

“You can see the solid roads constructed in all the nook and cranny of the state and these streetlights are wonders we least expect.

“We are now in the night and it is just like it’s still midday. The light has started shining in Ekiti and this is the light of joy. This man (Fayemi) will spend eight years in office. Nothing can change it.”


By Odunayo Ogunmola

Last modified: May 22, 2013

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