Fayemi Lauds Falegan At 80

May 10, 2013

Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has cautioned against the bestowing iconic status on certain people with “dubious reputations”; saying that the gesture is sending a terribly unedifying message to the upcoming young generation.

The Governor gave the warning at the 80th birthday of erstwhile Managing Director of the Federal Mortgage Bank and an Ekiti Brand Ambassador, Chief Bandele Falegan, in Ado Ekiti on Friday; saying that the society’s apparent confusion as to the character of people the nation should collectively bestow iconic status upon speaks volume about the debasement of the nation’s value system.

Dr. Fayemi who lamented that fraudsters, ex-despots, ex-convicts and other assorted persons of dubious reputations are graced with national honours and appointments in today’s Nigeria however urged the youths to carefully observe that in spite of the prevailing moral bankruptcy personified by those who hold public office in trust, there are still those who stand out to be emulated.

He said Chief Falegan, in view of his exemplary life style and commitment to honesty, hard work and development of the state, remains one of the few leaders whose characters are worth emulating and whose contributions to societal development are worth celebrating in their life time.

The Governor said: “This shortcoming is further complicated by our society’s apparent confusion as to the character of people we should collectively bestow iconic status upon. Sadly the sort of people we celebrate as heroes in our society today says a lot about the debasement of our value system. In Nigeria today, we serenade fraudsters, ex-despots, ex-convicts and other assorted persons of dubious reputations with national honours and appointments, thereby sending a terribly unedifying message to our young people”, he said.

While expressing his displeasure with the elaborate tributes that people write about certain people who have positively shaped the society when they die, Fayemi said it is important that we recognise and celebrate our true heroes in their lifetime, saying this will encourage the younger generation to emulate their virtues.

The Governor recalled how young ones were moulded during his studentship at the famous Christ’s School Ado Ekiti such that there was no life path that a young student chose that did not have the complement of a mentor figure among the alumni body, among whom was Chief Falegan.

He said his impression about Falegan has not changed over the years because of his sterling achievements as a frontline banker and Economist with the Central Bank of Nigeria and Managing Director of the FMGN; culminating in his appointment as the Chairman of the State Intervention and Empowerment Programme (Ekiti SIEP) one of the platforms through which the Fayemi-led administration is driving development to the grassroots.

While describing Falegan  as one of the notable Ekiti indigenes consulted for the State’s value re-orientation drive, Governor Fayemi said he was instrumental in the historic change of appellation from Fountain of Knowledge to Land of Honour as well as the creation of a new State logo; with his character earning him the State’s Brand Ambassador and featured in the State 2013 official calendar.


Last modified: May 10, 2013

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