Ikogosi Re-Unites Nigerian – Cuban Yoruba Artistes

October 15, 2012

World wonder, Ikogosi resort which has been moribund for nine years  has finally received life as it hosted first ever all-female international Bata dancers, Obini Bata from Cuba as well as Cultural troupes from Ekiti State.

The resort which was looted and abandoned before the Dr Kayode Fayemi-led administration was inaugurated in October 2010 is currently being repositioned to serve as money-spinner and employment hub for Ekiti State.

Speaking at Ikogosi Resort Day held at the  weekend, the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi said the first phase of rehabilitation and reconstruction works has been completed at the resort which will be fully opened in December while work is ongoing on the second phase.

Fayemi  who noted that the resort once had a zoo added that 10,000 hectares of land has been set aside in the host community for wild life while the resort will also get a golf course and apartments in the third phase.

He said that the vision of his administration for Ikogosi resort would turn the place to a destination of choice for both local and international tourists even as he said that the resort has all it takes to divert tourists from Obudu to Ikogosi.

While stating that his administration had put in place physical infrastructure that would make the tourist site more attractive to people, the Governor said tourists visiting Ikogosi no longer need to worry about transportation hardship as all the roads leading to the site are now motorable from all gateways that lead to the State.

Dr. Fayemi assured that internet facilities that would give tourists access to their families and offices during their visit to the wonder hot and cold springs would be put in place.

He added that the resort, on completion, will not only be a place for “leisure but also a cash-cow”.

The Governor stated that the resuscitation of the resort is a fulfillment of his promise and expressed optimism that the State is nearer to the new dawn that he promised during his campaign.

At the Resort Day, the Cuban Bata performers, Obinin Bata performed with their hourglass-shaped drums accompanied by various Yoruba songs. The State Cultural troupe also gave a performance at the event.

Last modified: October 15, 2012

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