Fayemi Promises More Jobs As Campaign Train Hits Ilejemeje

April 9, 2014

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has promised to create more jobs for the citizens of the state if he is re-elected in the June 21 gubernatorial poll.

 The Governor who made the pledge on Wednesday when his campaign train hit Ilejemeje Local Government Area, said creation of more jobs is paramount in his administration’s agenda if he succeeds in securing second term.

 Fayemi addressed rallies to drum support for his re-election in communities like Ipere, Ijaro, Eda-Oniyo, Iludun, Obada, Iye, Ijesamodu and Ewu where he  charged voters to use their votes to ensure continuity of good governance being witnessed in the state

 Members of ethnic communities including  Tivs and Ebiras who are resident in the towns also pledged their support for Fayemi whom they described as a “sincere and performing governor who has touched lives positively in the last three and half years”.

 Speaking in Iludun, Fayemi noted that his administration has created lots of jobs since he mounted the saddle in October 2010, Fayemi said there is need to create more jobs for the youths in the state.

 To this end, the governor said his administration has reached out to more investors to establish industries and other businesses in the state to absorb more unemployed people in the state.

 “The first thing we hope to do is to create more jobs for our youths because job creation is of paramount importance to us and we are determined to create more jobs if we are re-elected by the grace of God and your support.

 “I have discussed with many investors who are willing and ready to establish businesses in Ekiti and we have assured them of many incentives to attract investors”, Fayemi said.

 The governor had earlier at Eda-Oniyo alluded to his administration’s resolve to create more jobs for the citizens of the state.

 According to him, the entire people of the state have seen the roads, schools, palaces, town halls, electricity and other public infrastructures but job creation and economic empowerment of citizens will receive adequate attention during his second term.

 His words: “This government is concerned about creation if more jobs for our people. We will employ more civil servants, teachers and other jobs that will make our people contribute positively to our economy.

 “We are going to deploy more resources to job creation and economic empowerment if we are re-elected by our people.

 “I want you to vote for a party that cares for you and you must stay with this government that has positively touched your lives and utilized the available resources to take care of you”.

 He said the entire Ilejemeje Local Government Area has been transformed by his administration through execution of various projects which have made life easier for the people.

 Fayemi called on the electorate to be wary of “the looting party whose stock in trade is to engage in electoral robbery”.

 “The traditional rulers, elders, women, youths and everybody have all spoke with one voice that Ekiti will not go backward again but we are moving forward on the path of development and transformation already being witnessed.

 “We are not going back to the era of violence, brigandage, rascality, where chickens don’t excrete, where Obas are humiliated and kept inside the booths of cars.

 “I heard that some people want to buy your voter cards, tell them that you are not for sale. keep your voter cards and on June 21, something big will happen because your votes will speak and they shall be for our party”, he said.

 Fayemi said he is counting on the support of the electorate especially the aged who are receiving monthly stipends,youths who have received empowerment and those who have benefited from the projects executed by his administration to support him with votes.

 The governor continues his statewide campaign to Ise/Orun Local Government Area on Thursday.

Last modified: April 9, 2014

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