Ekiti 2014: I Will Leave Politics To Politicians – New Ekiti Police Commissioner

February 14, 2014

Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi (Left), welcoming the New Commissioner of Police, Felix Uyanna, to his office, during the Courtesy visit to the Governor, in Ado-Ekiti.

New Police Commissioner Ekiti State Command, Felix Uyanna has promised not to meddle  with political activities in the State as political parties prepare for the June 21 gubernatorial election in the State.

This new Police Commissioner spoke against the background of rumors making the rounds that  the new boss  was posted to the State in connection with the PDP-led Federal Government’s plan to win Ekiti and Osun States in the coming guber polls.

But Mr Uyanna during a courtesy call on the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi on Friday  assured that he would be fair to all the political gladiators in the State to in order to ensure the expansion of the “democratic space”.

The new Police boss who stressed that he is in Ekiti state mainly to fight crime and criminality and not to play politics, stated that he would not tolerate those who mix politics with crime.

Uyanna added that it is the duty of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct elections but the police have a duty to provide security.

“I am here to seek a hand of fellowship and request that yourself and other members of the society, the good people of Ekiti state should assist me in accomplishing my objective which is essentially to curb crime and criminality in the state and reduce it to the barest minimum, and do all that will enable us preserve public peace. In doing this, I shall go about it in accordance with the law, the constitution, the police act and other enabling laws.

I am not unaware that politics is in the air and I want to use the opportunity to seek the cooperation of all citizens to make sure they play the game by the rules and assure them that I will give everybody a level playing ground, trying to make sure that the democratic space is expanded. I shall concentrate on crime, I will leave politics to politicians to play but when they try to mix politics with crime, I will intervene and draw the line. In essence, that’s why I am here”, he said.

On the recognition of the Peace Corps during the election, the Commissioner stated that he would study the roles the Corps is to play in providing security for the people before deciding whether or not they are allowed to provide security during elections.

Responding, Governor Fayemi urged the police boss to stick to his promise not to unduly interfere in the forthcoming elections as that is what Ekiti people want.

The Governor reminded Uyanna who started his career in the old Ondo State during the Omoboriowo era that Ekiti people are very sensitive and would not allow anything that is aimed at subverting their wills.

Dr Fayemi urged him to ensure that the police conduct themselves in a manner devoid of partisanship so that the processes leading to the election will make the will of the people prevail.

” I am happy you have promised to give everyone a level playing field. That’s what Ekiti people want. They re very sensitive to federal might I must say, and to orders from Abuja, and to being handled at the behest of what is coming from quarters that are unknown to them so, whatever must be done in managing the affairs of security in the state from your perspective, I want you to stick to what you have said that you would do it in accordance with all of what us contained in the constitution, police acts, other regulations that may be applicable to crime and criminality. Our people are looking forward to robust campaign but they are a little worried that there might be people who have the tendencies to manufacture crime and criminality and then blame it on others.

” What is absolutely necessary for us and which I will plead with you to do is ensure that all of the processes leading up to the election and the election itself is handled in a manner that is devoid of partisanship on the part of the police. I believe you can live up to the professional expectations that is there. You started your career in this area and you know us fairly well. So you will know the sensitivity of our people. Since you served during the Omoboriowo era, you will know the tendency of the politics of our people”, he said.

On the upsurge of kidnapping, the Governor urged the CP to work with other security agencies to nip it in the bud so that the relative peace being enjoyed in the state is not thwarted by people who have aims of causing chaos.

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