Ekiti State University To Establish Institute Of Medical Technology In Ifaki – Ekiti

April 28, 2014

Ekiti State University( EKSU) is set to establish a new Institute of Medical Technology in its Ifaki-Ekiti Campus.
Medical Technology discipline is a paramedical field where trained and certified Medical Technologists can build careers as Ultrasound Technician, Radiologist, Health Informatics, and Cardiovascular Technician.
The Medical Technology programme is globally relevant with good job availability in clinical laboratory, academic research, public health, teaching and the pharmaceutical industry.
The new programme whicwould be highly subscribed will attract over 2,000students. They would be joining about 2,000 other students who are already in the Science
Laboratory Technology and the Pre-Degree programmes.
In addition to the existing facilities, a new 1,500 seater lecture theatre has just been constructed on the Campus to accommodate this new programme.
Meanwhile a Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU) has just been signed with a private agricultural entrepreneur to establish a commercial farm on the 400ha land on the Campus. It is believed that this initiative will add value to the entrepreneurial experience of our students and create jobs for the Community.

Last modified: April 28, 2014

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