2012 Supplementary Appropriation Law

October 23, 2012


NO. 8 OF 2012



                                                            Commencement(                             )


Enacted by the House of Assembly Ekiti State as follows:


Appropriation  1.         i.          The Accountant General of Ekiti State may,

when authorize to do so by warrant signed by the Commissioner for Finance, pay out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Ekiti during the financial ending 31st December, 2012 the sum specified warrant not exceeding in aggregate the 2012 estimate of Ninety-two Billion, four hundred and sixty nine thousand, three hundred and fifty-three thousand, one hundred and ninety Naira only (N92,469,353,190.00).


Schedules                    ii.         The amount mentioned in Sub-Section (I) of this

I & II                                       Section shall be appropriated to Head of Expenditure specified in Schedules I & II to the Law.


iii.       No part of the amount afore-said shall be issued from the Consolidated Revenue fund of Ekiti State after the end of year  mentioned in sub-Section (i) of this Section.


Citation            2.         This Law may be cited as the Supplementary

            Appropriation Law, 2012.


 2012 Supplementary Appropriation Law

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