Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Gov. Oyebanji Assures On Stable Economy, Enhanced Security In 2024

January 1, 2024

…I’ll devise sustainable ways of mitigating hard- biting inflation on Ekiti citizens, he says

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, has assured citizens of the state and Nigerians generally that the nation will witness economic stability in 2024.

The Governor also expressed optimism that Ekiti State will witness what he called “massive improvement in security, infrastructure and government services than we have ever seen.”. He urged the people to be optimistic for a better and more prosperous year.

Addressing the people of Ekiti State in his New Year in a statewide broadcast, Oyebanji promised to consolidate on the gains achieved by his administration in its first year in office and expand the scope of development for the benefit of the Ekiti people.

In the address, which was titled “Consolidating on the Shared Prosperity Agenda,” Gov. Oyebanji said he Ekiti had experienced what he described as a “giant lift in the last one year” and stressed the readiness of his administration to boost the standard of living of the people of the state with investment in the key sectors.

He disclosed that 2024 will the development of Ado Ekiti Central Business District “in full force” while the Ekiti Cultural Centre will be constructed “to meet the aspiration to create the enabling environment for the development of artistic and cultural industry of our people.”

The state Chief Executive further revealed that 2024 will also witness the commencement of the construction of an Indoor Sports Complex to support sports development in the state.

Amidst the prevailing economic challenges, the Ekiti helmsman assured Nigerians of a stronger economy predicating his optimism on a strong belief that the macroeconomic policies of the national economy will begin to yield positive results.

He said: “Government, we are very hopeful that the economic outlook of the nation will be stable and some of the macroeconomic policy will begin to yield the desired results. We are very optimistic that 2024 will be a year of positive economic resurgent for the country.”

Assuring the people of a better Ekiti in 2024, the Governor added: “Ekiti is going to witness massive improvement in security, infrastructure and government services than we have ever seen.”

On his administration’s plan for agriculture in 2024, the Governor said: “As a Government, we understand the socioeconomic importance of Agriculture and Trade to the total economic profile of our State.

“Agriculture and Trade remain the mainstay of our economy contributing about 80% to our GDP. We are addressing critical challenges associated with poor yield, access to credit, land clearing, among others to make the sector more attractive.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in conjunction with the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry are working on a programme that will solve some of these challenges.

“They are currently talking to the stakeholders, including traditional rulers on the implementation of cluster farming arrangement that will guarantee access to resources and market. Our target is that by the end of this year, our farmers will have become richer and prosperous than they have ever been.”

The Governor restated his commitment to the prompt payment of salaries and pension assuring that his administration will work harder to double up on the liquidation of the outstanding gratuity obligation to senior citizens.

He lauded Ekiti workers for their cooperation, dedication and understanding since the beginning of his administration acknowledging although things are tough for our workers with the hyperinflation that the economy has witnessed in the course of the last year but everything possible would be done to accord their welfare a priority.

The Governor noted tha government is looking at the best way to ameliorate the impact of the erosion of the purchasing power of the naira but is also very careful not to accost the challenge with emotional response that may become unsustainable.

He expressed gratitude to stakeholders like former governors, former deputy governors, former and serving National Assembly members, state executive council, House of Assembly members, civil servants and the entire people of the state for their support.

Last modified: January 1, 2024

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