Ekiti 2014 And The Knowledge Economy Option

May 26, 2014

Many traits make up the life of a leader amongst which is the ability to stand out and differentiate himself or herself from his/her peers and mates by introducing and doing what is unique that will advance the cause of humanity on earth. Amongst these qualities are values of inner content imbedded in him, who he can use to inspire and motivate his/her followers to right and positive actions. Also very important is the sense of direction which he/she gives to his followers to help reduce the burden of leadership placed on his/her shoulders.

And this is what John Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has done to my admiration and it will be too bad for me as a lover of knowledge and a person whom knowledge has helped not to commend on his policy and programme of “Knowledge Economy” which he has introduced to his Ekiti people. This is a unique thing that will justify and stand the test of time through out generations and even beyond.

My research into the life of America and other European countries proves that all their leaders where people who loved knowledge and their countries which we all love to go was transformed and made to be what it is today because the leader and the citizens embrace an economy ruled by knowledge. All the American leaders, dead and alive are proofs of men and women of high sounding knowledge and intellect, whose reasoning reflected in their actions to lead and inspire their citizens to think of what to do for the countries and not what their countries can do for them. All through the European countries, their transformation cannot be matched by any in Nigeria, because of the knowledge they have. Let me tell you readers that without a sound knowledge economy that fosters research to unravel and make discovery to the myriads of problems confronting Nigeria, we are going nowhere in our private lives and as a nation.

John Kayode Feyemi is a man I admire for his quest and vigorous pursuit for knowledge. As a leader from the citadel of knowledge, he has proven him that the best his generations and unborn generations of Ekiti need is knowledge of economy. The current Nigerian youths have missed out from the reality of life and the essence of going to school. Many Nigeria youths of today parading themselves as graduates don’t know what to do for their lives because they lack ideas and knowledge of what to do for themselves.

They have missed out from the 21st century reality of life and their ever increasing demand which is the power of knowledge to create, innovate, and offer value to the world. It is the value a person offers and contributes to the world that makes him relevant, useful and needed. Nobody wants a person of nuisance value around him no matter how handsome, beautiful or with the biggest certificate. It is too bad that Nigeria youths have been so conformed to the old order of things and life that is why they cannot think differently and do something unique that will stand them out from their peers.

To liberate the present and future generations, Ekiti people should be wise and embrace the knowledge economy policy of Kayode and vote for him. The ball is rolling in favor for the Ekiti masses and to score the goal, the onus lies on Ekiti people to key into this knowledge economy by all means possible as they will never regret.

The civilized and developed nations are what they are today because they embrace knowledge with passion early in their journey in life as a nation. So if Ekiti people wants to be uniquely transformed, everybody must vote for knowledge economy of Feyemi.

I love knowledge and I can’t compromise anything with knowledge. I have seen knowledge transform lives here in Nigeria and beyond. So for me not to send in this piece of article will be a contradiction of my pursuit. God wept in Hosea 4:6 because His people hated and rejected knowledge. So, the choice is yours Ekiti people, if not knowledge economy what else do you want? Who else do you want if not John Kayode Feyemi?

Also “you can’t make positive changes for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural and enjoyable. “Deepak Chopra. Knowledge economy is the right environment that Feyemi has provided.


By Udom Dominic Bassey

This article was first published in The DailySun on May 26, 2014.


Last modified: May 26, 2014

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