Ekiti TSA Account


Upon His Excellency’s approval of TSA Implementation, Ekiti State Government commenced TSA implementation in March 2019. All MDA’s and DMBs were written to furnish the office of the State Accountant General with all government bank account details including the balances there-in.

  1. The duos’ responses were reconciled and profiled on BAMS (Bank Account Monitoring System) to enable the office of the Accountant General have complete oversight over the bank accounts.
  2. All the profiled bank accounts were zerorized into TSA Sweeping account with Access Bank to reduce multiple bank charges and channel the idle ones into more productive activities that have sufficient impact on the citizenry.
  3. The exception to the sweeping were International Trust Fund (ITFs) that were dedicated to World Bank Projects and which were not allowed to be transferred to TSA Account.
  4. Ever since payments are being made from the TSA Account and government receipts/revenues are channeled into the TSA Account.

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