Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Established in October 1996 following the creation of Ekiti State. The Ministry is saddled with the responsibility of providing affordable, qualitative, functional and sustainable education for enlightenment and enterprise.

The Ministry is divided into Department of;

i. Finance & Accounts
ii. Administration & Supply
iii. Planning, Research & Statistics
iv. Evaluation & Standard
v. Schools (public & private)
vi. Quality Assurance
vii. Schools Sport
viii. Science, Technology & Mathematics
ix. Tertiary Education
x. Examinations & Records
xi. Procurement

The Ministry also has the following Agencies and Departments;

  1. Teaching Service Commission(TSC)
  2. State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)
  3. Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education (AANFE)
  4. Board for Technical and Vocational Education (BTVE)
  5. Library Board
  6. Education Trust Fund (ETF)
  7. School Enterprise and Wealth Creation Agency
  8. Scholarship Board


To provide accessible, affordable, qualitative, functional and sustainable education for enlightenment and enterprise using emerging technology.

Our Mission

To ensure quality and functional education through sound policies and implementation, using e-learning, whole school monitoring, provision of conducive environment and regular capacity building of personnel for optimal learning outcomes.

The Structure of the Ministry consists of:
1. The Honourable State Commissioner of Education and Chief Executive Officer.
2. The Permanent Secretary/Accounting Officer.
3. Eleven (11)Directors,

    1. i. Director (Quality Assurance Dept.)
    1. ii. Director (Schools)
    1. iii. Director (Science, Technology & Mathematics)
    1. iv. Director (Planning, Research & Statistics)
    1. v. Director (Evaluation & Standard)
    1. vi. Director (Schools Sports)
    1. vii.Director (Tertiary Education)
    1. viii.Director (Exams & Records)
    1. ix. Director (Admin & Supply)
    1. x. Director (Finance & Accounts)
            xi. Director (Procurement)

a. Chairmen of Education Parastatals and Agencies;

i.    Abegunde Joseph Babatunde  TSC

ii. Femi Akinwumi SUBEB

iii. Kayode Babade BTVE

b. Heads of Education Parastatals and Agencies;

i. Mr Dare Ajayi  Permanent Secretary(SUBEB)

ii. Mr. Daramola Emmanuel A. ES,(TSC)

iii. Mrs. Falade Modupe.O  ES,(AANFE)

iv. Mrs. Akilo Rhoda A  ES,(BTVE)

v. Mr. Familoni Bamidele.E   ES,(ETF)

vi. Mrs Bamikole Christianah A   ES,(SAEA)

vii. Adenigba Adebayo A. ES,(Scholarship Board)

viii. Adeyeye Florence O   Dir.,(Library Board)

  1. Formulation of Education Policies and supervisory role of Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Education
  2. Quality control of education deliverables through routine and operational inspection of Public and Private Schools in the State
  3. Curriculum implementation in line with Federal Ministry of Education as agreed at National Council on Education (NCE) policy decision meetings
  4. Curriculum Evaluation for use in schools in the state and distribution of essential educational learning materials to Schools and conduct of all examinations
  5. Providing Education management information including data on Annual School Census. Further establishing a foundation for Information Communication and Technology (ICT) driven education with well-equipped e-library services
  6. Standardization and regulation of the registration of Private educational Institutions in the State (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  7. To promote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEM) in the 21st century
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of the infrastructure and physical facilities in education institutions in the state
  9. Encouraging skills acquisition through Schools Agriculture and Enterprises for holistic education and catering for school drop outs under the Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education (AANFE)
  10. Administration and management of School Sports and co-curricular activities in Schools in the State
  11. Implementation of Government’s policies aimed at attracting support and sponsorship from development partners/international donor agencies to assist the development of education
  12. Liaising with Government agencies and partners in implementing State Government’s objectives, of educational development in the State, including Girl-Child education and eradicating Out of School Children phenomenon.
      • a. Facilitating the processes which lead to the provision of scholarships/bursary awards to indigenes of the state
      • b. Liaising and collaborating with Agencies of the Federal Government in establishing educational institutions in the State in all areas of education in the state
      • c. Establishment of additional schools to complement the existing ones in the state as the need arises
      • d. Sustenance of the Public Secondary and Primary Schools systems across the state through prompt payment of running grants.
      • e. Continuous Capacity Building of personnel of Public Schools in the State to improve quality of teaching and learning.

13. Engagement of key educational stakeholders on a regular basis.

14. Facilitate improved enrolment of Schools age children.

  • To implement National Policy on Education;
  • To formulate and implement State Policy on Education;
  • To collect and collate educational data for the purpose of education management ,policy and financing;
  • To prescribe and maintain standardization of education management in the state;
  • To control and monitor the quality of education in the state;
  • To provide regulatory and advisory services to stimulate effectiveness and efficiency by education service providers in the state; and
  • To enhance effective teaching and learning for improved learning outcomes in the state.
  • Responsibility: Being accountable for individual and community’s actions towards oneself, others and the environment
  • Excellence: Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of work and lifelong learning
  • Cooperation: Working together to achieve common goals, providing support to others and engaging in peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Respect: Having regards for oneself, others, lawful and just authority, diversity within our society and accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing view.
  • To groom scholars (teachers /students) for global enterprise.
  • To protect the social rights of students and teachers.
  • To maximize the creative potentials of the individual for self-fulfillment and general development of the society.
  • To inculcate national consciousness and appropriate values for the school age children for effective citizenship.
  • To provide adequate access to qualitative education opportunities for all citizens within and outside formal school system.

Hon. Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology: Dr. (Mrs) K.O.O. Aderiye mni

Permanent Secretary: Dr. (Mrs) Folakemi Olomojobi

S/N Name Designation
1 Mr. E.A Aribisala Director, Evaluation and Standard
2 Mr. E.S.  Babalotin Director, School Sports
3 Mr. M. O. Omolayo Director, Planning Research and Statistics
4 Mr. O.R. Ajayi Director, Schools
5 Mr. P.O. Oni Director, Tertiary
6 Mr. V.A. Arogundade Director of Administration & Supply
7 Mrs. Sanni B.F. Director of Finance & Accounts
8 Mr. T. H. Adesina Director, Exams & Records
9 Mrs. K. O. Ajibare Director, Procurement
10 Mr. Buraimoh M.I Ag. Director Science and Technology Department
11 Mr. Ojo W.R Ag. Director Quality Assurance Department
S/N Cognate Agency Male Female Total
1 Ministry of Education, Science & Technology 374 395 769
2 Teaching Service Commission 4,078 5,468 9,546
3 State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) 1,565 6,191 7,756
4 Board for Technical & Vocational Education (BTVE) 110 80 190
5 Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education (AANFE) 29 15 44
6 Scholarship Board 14 4 18
7 School Agriculture and Enterprise Agency (SAEA) 7 16 23
8 Education Trust Fund (ETF) 16 14 30
9 Library Board 4 18 22
Total 6,197 12,201 18,398
S/N Name Year
1 Pastor Richard Adejuyigbe 1996 – 1998
2 Mr. Festus O Ola 1998 – 1999
3 Mr. Ige I.A 1999 – 2002
4 Mrs. Adenike Adeyemo 2002 – 2003
5 Mr. Olu Adakeja 2003 – 2004
6 Alhaji Y.O Sanni 2004 -2006
7 Mr. D Olu Alade 2006 – 2007
8 Mr. D.A Falope 2007 – 2008
9 Dr. (Mrs.) Modupe Alade 2008 – 2010
10 Mrs. Bimpe Aderiye 2010 – 2011
11 Mr. Akomolafe V.O.A 2011
12 Dr. (Mrs.) E. A Dada 2011 – 2013
13 Mrs. Bimpe Aderiye (mni) 2013 – 2014
14 Mrs. E.A Dada 2014 – 2015
15 Dr. (Mrs.) Adekunbi Obaisi 2015 – 2018
16 Mr. Deji Ajayi 2018 – 2019
17 Mr A. O. Ologuntoye 2019
18 Mr J. A. Owolabi 2019 – 2021
S/N Name Designation Phone No
1 Dr. Mrs. Folakemi Olomojobi Permanent Secretary 08033881226
2 Dr. Mrs Olabimpe Aderiye Hon. Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology 08033936968

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