Ekiti State Education Trust Fund Law

April 19, 2012

Arrangement of Sections


1. Establishment of the Fund.
2. Sums Deductible to the Fund.
3. Sum Deductible to the Fund Prescribed by the Governor.
4. Evidence of Deductions.
5. Deduction not to be made as Additional Cost of Contracts.
6. Aims and Objectives of the Fund.
7. Establishment and Composition of Board of Trustees.
8. Tenure of Office.
9. Determination of Membership.
10. Functions of the Board.
11. Powers of the Board/Fund’s Secretariat.
12. Proceedings of the Board.
13. Penalty/Sanction for EKSETF Tax Defaulters.
14. Monitoring of activities/project funded by the Fund.
15. Report on Projects.
16. Secretary and other officers of the Board.
17. Interpretation.
18. Repeal.
19. Citation.


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