In our first term, transparent and accountable governance, with the requisite checks and balances of an independent judiciary and legislative arms of government, was the hallmark of our administration. We pioneered participatory and transparent budgeting and earned the respect of independent review agencies for this.

We strengthened regulatory mechanisms and Ekiti entered the top five in the comity of states with best ease of doing business conditions. We were the first state to domesticate the Freedom of Information Law and the National Gender Policy.

We also vigorously pursued gender equality and enacted into law the Equal Opportunities Bill. We created community government and gave towns unions a pride of place in local governance. We introduced extensive civil service reforms which centered on the welfare, training and empowerment of the workforce. This assisted greatly in effective delivery of projects and programmes.

Although some of these gains have been reversed in the past four years, we are determined to take advantage of our extensive experience and contact at the local, federal and global levels to strengthen effective governance and utilize this in the delivery of our main programmatic agenda of Agriculture and Rural Development, Social investments, Knowledge Economy and Infrastructure and Industrial Development.