Yet from the ashes we rise and shine as we look towards the light. The light of knowledge and intellectualism that we are known for, which illuminates our minds and reflects in the good character and pristine values we hold dear. These are the same values that been eroded in recent years, which we seek to restore.

Indeed, our mission to Reclaim our Land and Restore our Values, was not only the slogan of our campaigns, but a clarion call to all to embark on this journey with us. Today, as we have reclaimed our land, we are now at the cusp of charting the course of sustainable development our of the quagmire that we find ourselves in, In this task, we are faced with a number of threats and challenges, yet blessed with an immense amount of strengths and opportunities. My vision for our great State is that this is a place where people can thrive and live their lives in dignity. A place where workers do not labor in vain. A place where our young people do not roam the streets looking for jobs that are not there, a place where people are not so hungry they resort to pilfering food to survive. A place where the cycle of generational poverty can be broken, and in which our elderly can reap  the fruits of their labors over their children. A place where people are safe, healthy and prosperous.

The governance agenda of this administration is therefore compelled to focus on four (4) areas through which we will deliver our promises to the people. The four pillars of our administration will be:

  1. Social Investments
  2. Knowledge Economy
  3. Infrastructure and Industrial Development and
  4. Agriculture and Rural Development.