The Local Government is predominantly a homogenous society and carefully populated by Yoruba speaking people of the South West Zone of Nigeria. The Religious of the people are mainly Christian and Islamic religious while a percentage of the people are Traditional religion worshippers.

The thriving industries in the local government include Timber/Saw mills which include Mighty Sawmill at Igede-Ekiti, Ilamoye Sawmill at Igede-Ekiti, Olorunde Sawmill at Iyin-Ekiti, Okeorun Sawmill at Igbemo-Ekiti, Osalade Sawmil at Igbemo-Ekiti, Oke Uba Sawmill Awo-Ekiti and Iyedi Sawmill at Igbemo-Ekiti; Photo Studios; Hotels, some of which include CornerStone Hotel, God’s Health Hotel, Liberty Hotel and many more.

The places in the Irepodun Local Government that attract tourists from all over are the Osun Tourist Center and Elemi Tourist Center, both located at Igede-Ekiti.

The major towns in the Irepodun Llocal Government are:

  1. Igede-Ekiti
  2. Iyin-Ekiti
  3. Awo-Ekiti
  4. Iropora-Ekiti
  5. Eyio-Ekiti
  6. Esure-Ekiti
  7. Iworoko-Ekiti
  8. Are-Ekiti
  9. Afao-Ekiti
  10. Araromi Obo-Ekiti
  11. Igbemo-Ekiti
  12. Ikogosi-Ekiti
  13. Aramoko-Ekiti
  14. Erijiyan Ekiti

The Local Government also comprises of villages and farmsteads which include:

  • Odo Uro
  • Ejiko
  • Okoro
  • Amadin
  • Itaasae
  • Aba Olorunda
  • Aroto
  • Tungba
  • Ita Ake
  • Olusegun Camp
  • Oriokuta Camp
  • Aba Osun
  • Asa Oloro
  • Abuja Camp
  • Surulere
  • Oriokuta Camp
  • Kajola Camp
  • Ajebamidele I
  • Araromi Oke Aro
  • Ajayi Oke
  • Ajayi Odo
  • Temidire Camp
  • Orisumibare Camp
  • Ajebamidele II
  • Kosubu Town
  • Ita Oko Aba Camp
  • Igbo Eku Camp

There are 46 public primary schools, 23 private nursery/primary schools, and 13 public secondary schools in the local government.

Public Primary Schools

  1. Baptist Primary School, Igede
  2. All Saints Pry School Iyin
  3. Methodist Pry School Igede
  4. St John’s Pry School Ang Igbemo
  5. St Benedict Pry School, Igede
  6. St Columbas Pry School, Igbemo
  7. St Peter’s C.A.C Pilot P/S Awo
  8. Community ‘A’ P/S Iworoko
  9. Emmanuel Anglican P/S Awo
  10. St Michael Catholic P/S Iyin
  11. A.U.D. Pry School Igbemo
  12. St Philip’s United P/S Iropora
  13. Baptist Pry School, Esure
  14. St Paul’s Anglican Pry School Eyio
  15. Baptist Pry School, Iyin
  16. A.U.D. Pry School, Iyin
  17. St Williams Pry School, Igbemo
  18. A.U.D Pry School, Awo
  19. St Theresa Pry School Awo
  20. St David Ang. Pry School, Afao
  21. St John Pry School, Igede
  22. St Peter’s Pry School, Igbemo
  23. A.U.D Pry School Iropora
  24. Community Pry School ‘A’ Igede
  25. Community Pry School Araromi Iyin
  26. Comm. Pry School Araromi- Obo
  27. Comm. ’B’ Pry School, Igede
  28. C.A.C Pry School Iyin
  29. Babamuboni Pry School, Iyin
  30. Comm. Pry School Ayepe Awo
  31. Comm. Pry School ‘B’ Iworoko
  32. St Andrews Pry School Are
  33. St Patric Pry School, Are
  34. Omodewa N/P School, Iworoko
  35. St Paul’s Pry School, Igbemo
  36. St Peter’s C&S P/S Are
  37. Are/Afao Muslim Pry School, Are
  38. C.A.C Pry School Afao
  39. A.U.D Pry School Igede
  40. Ejiko Community P/S Odo Uro Iyin
  41. C.A.C Pry School, Awo
  42. Community Pry School Itaisai Igbemo
  43. Methodist Pry School, Iyin
  44. Muslim Pry School Afao
  45. St Philip Ang. Pry School, Esure
  46. SUBEB Model N/P School Afao

Private Nursery/Primary Schools

  1. D Square Nursery /Pry School, Igbemo
  2. Apex Shalom Nursery/ Pry School, Iyin
  3. Genesis Nursery/ Pry School, Awo
  4. Aladejugbe Mem. Nursery / Pry School, Awo
  5. First Baptist Church Nursery/ Pry School, Igede
  6. Araromi Baptist Nursery/ Pry School, Igede
  7. Ifeoluwa Model Nursery/ Pry School, Iyin
  8. Hope Nursery/Pry School, Igede
  9. BCT Nursery/Pry, Igede
  10. Cornerstone Nursery/ Pry School, Iyin
  11. Cambridge International High School, Awo
  12. Christ Victory Nursery/ Pry School, Igede
  13. Toluwani Nursery /Pry School, Iworoko
  14. God’s Power Nursery/ Pry School, Igede
  15. Divine Grace Nursery/ Pry School, Iyin
  16. Great Glory Kiddies Nursery/ Pry School, Iyin
  17. Joy of God Nursery/ Pry School, Iworoko
  18. Bless Tech Nursery/ Pry School, Afao
  19. Deborah College, Igede
  20. Christ Foundation Ang Nursery/Pry School, Igbemo
  21. Prosperous Nursery/ Pry School, Igede
  22. Mater Christ Girls High School, Igede
  23. Mirfood International School, Iyin

Public Secondary Schools

  1. Eyemote Comp. High School Iyin
  2. Egirioke High School. Iyin
  3. Comm. Comp. High School, Awo
  4. Ekiti Baptist High School, Igede
  5. Okunsusi/ Jermiriye High School, Igede
  6. Iropora High School, Iropora
  7. Community High School, Eyio
  8. Community High School, Esure
  9. Iworoko Community High School
  10. Oloketuyi Memorial Grammar School Igbemo
  11. Igbemo Comm. High School
  12. Are/Afao Comp. High School
  13. Govt. Science College, Iyin

The public hospitals and health centers in the Local Government Area are:

  1. General Hospital Iyin-Ekiti
  2. Comprehensive Health Centre Afao
  3. Comprehensive Health Centre Igede
  4. Comprehensive Health Centre Igbemo
  5. Comprehensive Health Centre Are
  6. B.H.C. Igede-Aaye
  7. B.H.C. Ilamoye Igede
  8. B.H.C. Oketoro Iyin-Ekiti
  9. B.H.C. Aroto Iyin-Ekiti
  10. B.H.C. Awo
  11. B.H.C. Iropora
  12. B.H.C. Igbemo
  13. B.H.C. Araromi Obo
  14. B.H.C. Eyio
  15. B.H.C. Esure
  16. B.H.C. Iworoko
  17. HP Iyin, Iyin-Ekiti

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