Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Ekiti South West

Ekiti South West Local Government, Ilawe Ekiti is one of the 16 Local Governments in Ekiti State.

Sequel to the creation of Ondo State in 1976, Ekiti South West Local Government was established under the Local Government Edict of 1976 published in the Gazette as ODSLN5 of 1976. The effective date was 1st September, 1976 while the headquarter is Ilawe Ekiti.

Our Vision

To make the people of the area move closer to the government of the day through the provision of social amenities and infrastructures.

To be prosperous and economically viable through enhanced and efficient service delivery thereby making the local government the cynosure of all eyes.

Our Mission

To rapidly provide socio-economic infrastructure that is effective this facilitating a healthy, well coordinated and self-reliant grassroots people.

  1. Ilawe Ekiti
  2. Igbara-Odo Ekiti
  3. Ogotun Ekiti

It has additional 33 villages and farmsteads such as:- Ilupeju Alatere, Olomide, Odopa, Erita, Geleje, Asa, Subulade, Ejio, Sajowa, Partrick Apata, Itamerin, Igboore, Alagbede, Aba Ibadan, Lawrence camp, Ayedarade, Araromi, Bolorunduro, Ilupeju Edetedo, Kajola, Ayegunle, Ajebamidele, Bolodunro Otan, Ayedun, Akola, Iporogun Osodi, Orubiliri, Ekasa Agbedola, Aba Efon, Ajewole, Amogbon & Akomolafe.

The population of the Local Government according to the year 2006 census figure is 165,277 and year 2007 projected population of 171,807.

The Local Government shares boundaries with Ado Local Government in the NorthEast and Ikere Local Government in the SouthEast.It also shares boundaries with irepodun/ifelodun Local Government in the Northwest,Ifedore Local Government of Ondo state in the SouthWest and oriade Local Government of Osun State in the SouthEast.

The Local Government occupies a total landmass of 175000 sq km with length and breadth.

The people are homogenous in culture, tradition and values. There are pockets of other tribes like Ebira, Ibo and Oyo people from Osun State. Indigenes speak the Ekiti dialect with slight different intonations of the various towns and villages. The culture of the people is identical and similar to that of yorubas of the south western Nigeria. Their mode of dressing is the Yoruba attires though the elites adorn the English dresses particularly those in government establishment.They also enjoy the mix of local music comprising of ogbele ,Ayu,Apiri,Uluijebu,Juju and Highlife.

The people are predominantly Christians some are Muslim faithfuls, while few practice the traditional religion such as ogun, ifa, obatala, sango etc.

The people of Ekiti SouthWest Local Government are predominantly farmers and grow cash and food crops like:

  1. Cocoa
  2. Kolanut
  3. Oil palm
  4. Citrus
  5. Cereals
  6. Banana
  7. Plantain
  8. Cocoyam
  9. Cassava
  10. Maize
  11. Yam
  12. Rice
  13. Timber
  14. Bamboo
  15. Piggery
  16. Vegetables
  17. Cowpea

They also engage in petty trading, lumbering, pottery, matweaving and many other variations.

Mineral Resources

The mineral resources in the area are:

  1. Mica (muscovite)
  2. Clay
  3. Quartz
1977 – 1979
Hon Akin Olugbade
Hon Jonathan Awopetu 1986 – 1987
Hon Olayiwola Igandan Jan 1987 – June 1989
Mr S. A. Abegunde Sole Admin July 1989
Hon M. A. Ajasin 1991
Dr Ife Arowosoge Chairman 1991 – 1993
Hon Yemi Adaramodu Caretaker 1994
Hon Toye Oke Caretaker Sept 1994 – March 1995
Prince Ayo A Adefolalu
Hon Remi Akomolede April 1996 – 1997
Otunba Bayo Alegbeleye 1997 – July1998
Mr A. A. Aniyikaye Sole Admin 1998 – June 1999
Hon Abel Dipo Oluwasola Chairman June 1999 – May 2002
Engr Peter Fapohunda Chairman June 1999 – May 2002
Mr J. M. Olawusi June 2002 – May 2003
Hon Tayo Fagbohun Sole Admin June 2003
Hon Andrew Osunniyi Caretaker 2003 – Jan 2004
Chief Omolase Olanrewaju Chairman June 2004 – Feb 2007
Apostle Olumide Olomu Sole Admin Feb 2007 – June 2007
Erelu Modupe Ogundipe June 2007 – Oct 2008
Hon Idowu Akinbode Caretaker June 2008 – Dec 2008
Elder Olubusuyi Obisesan Chairman Dec 2008 – Oct 2010
Alhaji Dr Azeez Olaniyan Caretaker Nov 2010 – Date
Name Ward Portfolio
Hon Paul Olowoyeye 6 Leader
Hon Subulade Kayode 2 Deputy leader
Hon Sunday Onileowo 5 Majority leader
Hon Philip Ojo 1
Hon Ojo Tolulope 3
Hon Kehinde Akomolafe 7
Hon Ayeye Olanrewaju 9
Hon Olubunmi Akingbola 9
Hon Adedeji Micheal 10
Hon Agboola Richard 4
Hon Pele Oluwadare 8

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