About Efon

The Local Government now known as Efon Local Government has a long history of metamorphosis that dated back to pre- independence Nigeria. This is evident in the fact that the former Ekiti West District Council which was created in 1955 had its administrative headquarters in Efon Alaaye. Later for what was purely ascribed to administrative convenience; the District headquarters was moved to Ijero Ekiti in 1973 after 18 years.

Sequel to the creation of Local Governments in 1976, Ekiti West Local Government was created with headquarters in Aramoko Ekiti. Efon Alaaye belonged to the Local Government. History again was made when Efon Alaaye as a result of its quest for a local government was (later) granted Efon Native Authority in 1981.

At last, reprieve came on 4th December, 1996 when Efon Local Government was created with the headquaters in Efon Alaaye. The Local Government shares boundaries with Ijebu – Ijesa in Osun State in the west, Erio Ekiti in the east, Esa – Oke in Osun State in the north and in the south with Ogotun Ekiti.

Our Vision

The pursuant of sectoral developments in order to engender sustainable growth in all facets through public private partnerships so as to have an economically buoyant and a well contented people.

Our Mission

To provide excellent, efficient as well as effective public oriented services for the attainment of the millennium Development Goals (MDGS) thereby creating an investment friendly environment for the overall benefit of and the enhancement of the standard of living of the people at the grassroots.

S/No Name of Settlement Nature of Settlement
1 Efon Alaaye Town
2 Iwaji, Itawure SemiTown
3 Sugbohun SemiTown
4 Abeta Village
5 SurulereI Village
6 Surulere II Village
7 Obake Village
8 Ologunde Village
9 Araromi Village
10 Igbo – Olofin Village
11 Aladura Village
12 Odo Amo Village
13 Oba Ayetoro Village
14 Itako Adagba Village
15 Awure Village
16 Oroo Village
17 Odogbo Village
18 Alawaye Village
19 Ido Ayegunle Village
20 Irunsin Village
21 Oroigbo Village
22 Igbo Aba Village
23 Igbo Oye Village
24 Olobe Village
25 Olomowewe Village

The population of the local Government, according to the year 2006 census figure is 86,941.

The Local Government occupies a total landmass of 243,201 Sq km with 55km length and 30km breadth. The landscape and topography of the Local Government are hilly and mountainous. The climate of the Local Government is tropical in nature with two major seasons ,i.e. the raining and dry seasons. The area is blessed with well aerated soil that is good for arable farming and supports the raising of livestock.

The Local Government is endowed with water resources. Some of its major rivers are Oni, Orooro, Agboro- Oke, Anidun, Agbonrin, Ibase, Olua and Osun.

The people of Efon Alaaye are culturally homogenous and they speak Ekiti dialect of (the) Yoruba language with intonation related to Ijesa dialect in Osun State. The peaceful co – existence among the people of Efon Alaaye necessitates the accommodation of some tribes in the towns and villages of the Local Government such as Oyo, Igbo, Gara, Igala, Idoma , Ebira and Gede from Kogi and Benue States of Nigeria. These people are predominantly farmers who engaged in the production of rice, maize, cassava , cocoyam , yam, banana, plantain , vegetable etc. The people engage in this, alongside trading and other vocations.

The peoples’ mode of dressing is the Yoruba attire of different sizes and designs. However, the elites wear the English dresses as occasions demand. It is interesting to note that Efon Alaaye people have their types of music which they enjoy with nostalgic feelings. These include: Sabarikolo, Kumbe, ulu Ijebu, Agunsimi, Adamo , Gangan and a blend of juju, fuji.

The people of Efon are Christians and Muslims while some are traditional worshipers.

Public Secondary Schools

There are Seven Public Secondary Schools. They Are:

  1. Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
  2. Efon High School, Efon Alaaye
  3. Anglican Secondary School, Efon Alaaye
  4. St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
  5. Apostle Babalola Memorial Grammar School, Efon Alaaye
  6. Federal Girls College, Efon Alaaye
  7. Ekiti State Government College, Efon Alaaye

Public Primary Schools

There are Twenty-six Public Primary Schools, namely:

  1. St. Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  2. St. Michael’s Catholic Pry. School, Efon Alaaye
  3. St. Stephen’s C.A.C Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  4. St. Joseph’s C.A.C Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  5. St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  6. C.A.C Teacher’s College Demostration Pry. School, Efon Alaaye
  7. St. Joseph’s C.A.C Primary School, Iwaji
  8. St. Peter’s C&S Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  9. St. Michael’s Catholic’s Primary School, Oba Ayetoro
  10. St. Michael’s C.A.C Primary School, Surulere I
  11. St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  12. St. James’ C.A.C Primary School, Efon Alaaye
  13. Community Primary School, Obake
  14. A.U.D. Pry School, Orisunbare
  15. Community Primary School, Araromi
  16. Community Primary School, Alawaye
  17. C.A.C Pry. School, Aladura
  18. St Peter’s Catholic School, Abeta
  19. St. Andrew’s C.A.C Pry School, Efon Alaaye
  20. St. john’s Anglican Pry School, Efon Alaaye
  21. Apostle Babalola Memorial Pry School, Efon Alaaye
  22. Community Pry School , Alajo
  23. St. john’s Anglican Pry School, Surulere, Efon Alaaye
  24. SUBEB Model Nursery/Pry School , Efon Alaaye
  25. Sugbohun Community Pry School, Efon Alaaye
  26. C.A.C Pry School, Oniyo, Efon Alaaye.

Efon Local Government has 11 health facilities out of which one is a Comprehensive Health Center, one is a Health post and one is the Local Government Staff Clinic situated within the Local Government Secretariat. The Health Facilities in Efon Local Government Area are:

  1. Comprehensive Health Centre, Erekesan
  2. Basic Health Centre, Alanaka
  3. Basic Health Centre , Iloro
  4. Basic Health Centre, Isaja
  5. Basic Health Centre , Surulere
  6. Basic Health Centre , Alajo
  7. Basic Health Centre, Araromi
  8. Basic Health Centre, Obake
  9. Health Post, Alawaye
  10. Basic Health Centre, Igbo-Olofin
  11. Local Government Staff Clinic, Local Government Secretariat.

Outreach Centres

The outreach centres in Efon Local Government Area are as listed below:

  1. SUBEB Clinic
  2. State Govt College Clinic- attached to Iloro B.H.C
  3. Ido-Ayegunle Outreach- attached to Alajo B.H.C
  4. Sugbohun
  5. Aba-Oyo
  6. Arapaiya – attached to Araromi B.H.C
  7. Oropa

Efon Local Government has one recognized paramount ruler with Six Quarters Chief and other Baales. Currently, the Oba is His Royal Majesty,  Dr. Emmanuel Adesanya Aladejare (JP) CON, Agunsoye II, the Alaaye of Efon Kingdom.

The six (6) quarters head are as follows:

Quarter Head Quarters
J.K. Fakorede (JP) Obanla of Aye Quarters
T.A. Adekahunsi Obaloja of Obalu Quarters
Oyediran Dada (JP) Peteeko of Isaja Quarters
Fapohunda O. Paul Oisajigan of Ejigan Quarters
Afolayan Ojo (JP) Alaayo of Emo Quarters
A. Olowookere Ojubu of Ikagbe Quarters
High Chief Adewale Olufemi Apetu of Iwaji
Name Period of Service Position Held
Hon. Chief Joseph Babatope Folayan 16th Dec. 1996 – 10th Feb. 1997 Chairman
Deacon Peter Omojola Omowaye Feb – March 1997 Sole Admin.
Hon. (Prince) Lawrence Aderogba Agbaje April 1997 – July 1998 Executive Chairman
Mr. Martins ‘Segun Oluwole (JP) 23rd July 1998 – 29th May 1999 Sole Admin./ Chairman
Hon. (Elder) Michael Odunayo Ategbero (JP) 29th May 1999 – 3rd June 2002 Executive Chairman
Chief Paul Ademola Ajetomobi (JP) 3rd June 2002 – 2nd June 2003 Caretaker
Pastor Emmanuel Olusanya Fabiyi 4th Aug. 2003 – 29th April 2004 Caretaker
Hon. (Prince) Lawrence Aderogba Agbaje (JP) 30th April,2004 – 5th Feb. 2007 Executive Chairman
Pastor Bode Akomolafe (JP) 5th Feb. 2007 – 9th April, 2007 Dir. of Admin
Mr. S. I. Ojo 9th April 2007 – 31st May 2007 Dir. of Admin
Hon. Olalekan Adekanbi 1st June 2007 – 23rd Oct. 2007 Caretaker
Hon. (Chief) Dare Ilori 23rd Oct. 2007 – 15th Oct. 2008 Caretaker
Hon. Yemi Ajanaku 15th Oct. 2008 -22nd Dec. 2008 Caretaker
Hon. (Chief) Idowu Akinyele (JP) 22nd Dec. 2008 – 29th Oct.2010 Executive Chairman
Hon. (Chief) Joel Omoniyi 15th Nov. 2010 – Till date Caretaker

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