The Geographical entity known as Aiyekire Local Government was created in October 1st 1996 out of Ekiti East Local Government. Upon the creation of Ekiti State in October 1st 1996, Aiyekire Local Government (officially named Aiyekire in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) is one of the sixteen Local Government created with the headquarters at Ode Ekiti.

The Local Government is predominantly a homogenous society and carefully populated by Yoruba speaking people of the South West Zone of Nigeria. The Religious of the people are mainly Christian and Islamic religious while a percentage of the people are Traditional religion worshippers.

The Local Government is made up of 8 major towns and several villages. All the towns have recognized traditional rulers (Obas). The major towns are:

S/No Name of Settlement Nature of Settlement
1 Ode Ekiti Town
2 Agbado Ekiti Town
3 Imesi Ekiti Town
4 Aisegba Ekiti Town
5 Egbe Ekiti Town
6 Ijan Ekiti Town
7 Iluomoba Ekiti Town
8 Iro Ekiti Town
9 Ode-Ekiti Village
10 Aba Baale Village
11 Aba Jioba Village
12 Ugboeku Village
13 Oke Afa Village
14 Onibedo Camp Village
15 Alarierin Village
16 Surulere Camp Village
17 Aba Oka Village
18 Agbado-Ekiti Village
19 Oguniyi Village
20 Aba Oka Village
21 Isarun Better Life Road Village
22 Ijan-Ekiti Village
23 Ilupeju Village
24 Imoru Mayegun Village
25 The Apostolic Church, Alarudu Village
26 Ologoji Farm Settlement Village
27 Momo Farm Settlement Village
28 Iro-Ekiti Village
29 Iro Ayeteju Village
30 Ijege/Oke Agbani Village
31 Iro-Ayeteju/Egbe Village
32 Aisegba-Ekiti Village
33 Aponyinbo Village
34 Imesi-Ekiti Village
35 Odi-Olowo Village
36 Apomo Village
37 Ese Village
38 Sakunmi Village
39 Olorunda Village

The Local Government Council Area was located in the North Eastern part of Ekiti State and covers about 378 kilometer squares. The local government shared territorial boundaries with seven local government viz; Ise/Emure, Ekiti East, Ikole, Irepodun/Ifelodun and Ado Ekiti Local government in Ekiti State, and Akoko-North/West Local government of Ondo State.

The local government council secretariat was located in the East of Ode Ekiti via the Egbe-Isinbode road.

According to the 2006 National Population Census figure, the total population of the local government was 147,999; Male: 75,342; Female: 72,657.

The thriving industries in the local government include Timber/Saw mills, Gari processing, Palm oil, Kernel processing, Block making, Bakeries, Furnitures, Petrol Stations, Hotels, Printing Press and Banking.

Furthermore, the youths in the local government area are engaged in motor cycle repair, carpentry, fashion designing, hair dressing, small farm holds and petty trading, commercial motorcycle transportation called Okada etc.

Place of interest in the Local Government include:

  1. Little Ose/Ogbe Dam
  2. Oloke Rock at Ode
  3. Forest Reserve at Egbe
  4. Apariko Dam at Aisegba
  5. Omi Agbahan at Iluomoba
  6. Orisa Gbamo at Agbado
  7. Ujilogun at Ijan
  8. Many hotels in the local government

There are 46 public primary schools, 18 private nursery and primary schools, 12 public secondary schools, 13 private secondary schools in the local government.

The public primary schools in the local government are:

  1. Lower Holy Trinity, Aisegba Ekiti
  2. Upper Holy Trinity, Aisegba Ekiti
  3. St. James Primary School, Imesi Ekiti
  4. St. Paul’s Primary School, Ijan Ekiti
  5. Methodist Primary School, Egbe Ekiti
  6. St. Mary’s Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  7. St. James Primary School, Ijan Ekiti
  8. Methodist Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  9. Lower Emmanuel Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  10. St. Luke Primary School, Iro Ekiti
  11. St. Cyprian Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  12. St. John Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  13. St. Michael Primary School, Iluomoba Ekiti
  14. St. Paul’s Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  15. St. Peter’s Primary School, Iluomoba
  16. Upper Emmanuel Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  17. L. A. Odiolowo, Imesi Ekiti
  18. St. Saviour Primary School, iro Ayeteju Ekiti
  19. Community primary School, Bolorunduro, Aisegba Ekiti
  20. Community Primary School, Ilupeju, Ijan
  21. A.U.D. Primary School Agbado ekiti
  22. A.U.D. Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  23. CAC Primary School, Ausegba Ekiti
  24. Community Primary School, Ajebamidele, Iluomoba
  25. Community Primary School, Olorunda, Imesi Ekiti
  26. St. Francis Primary School, Imesi Ekiti
  27. Community Primary School, Iploe Agbado ekiti
  28. CAC Primary School, Imesi Ekiti
  29. St. Silas Primary School, Ijan Ekiti
  30. AUD Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  31. CAC Primary School, Egbe Ekiti
  32. Community Primary School, Agbonkoji, Egbe Ekiti
  33. Muslim Primary School, Ijan Ekiti
  34. St. John Primary School, Iluomoba Ekiti
  35. St. Victor Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  36. St Michael Primary School Ode Ekiti
  37. Community Primary School, Surulere Ode Ekiti
  38. Community Primary School, Aponu, Imesi Ekiti
  39. CAC Primary School, Iluomoba Ekiti
  40. C&S Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  41. C&S Primary School Agbado ekiti
  42. St. Ang. Primary School, Ijan Ekiti
  43. CAC Primary School, Iro Ekiti
  44. Community Primary School, Abajioba, Ode Ekiti
  45. Celestial Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  46. CAC Ijan Ekiti

Private Primary Schools

  1. Sterling Nursery and Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  2. United Nursery and Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  3. Gofamint Nursery and Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  4. Christ Majesty Nursery and Primary School, Ode Ekiti
  5. God’s Grace Nursery and Primary School,, Aisegba Ekiti
  6. Jobabeg Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  7. Ife Oluwa Nursery and Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  8. Excellent Gateway Nursery and Primary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  9. Oluwafunmilayo Nursery and Primary School, Imesi Ekiti
  10. Toluwa Nursery and Primary School, Imesi Ekiti
  11. Emmanuel Nursery and Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  12. Titilola Nursery and Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  13. Bosotos Nursery and Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  14. Scyro Nursery and Primary School,, Agbado Ekiti
  15. Resurrection Nursery and Primary School, Agbado Ekiti
  16. Oluwaseyi Nursery and Primary School, Egbe Ekiti
  17. Omotola Nursery and Primary School, Iluomoba Ekiti
  18. Ranti Nursery and Primary School, Iluomoba Ekiti

Public Secondary Schools

  1. Ode High School, Ode Ekiti
  2. Aisegba Community grammar School, Aisegba Ekiti
  3. Ojugbaye Comprehensive High School, Imesi Ekiti
  4. Ijanmodu Comprehensive High School, Ijan Ekiti
  5. Ileowuro Hogh School, Agbado Ekiti
  6. Community Grammar School, Iulomoba Ekiti\
  7. Methodist High School, Egbe Ekiti
  8. Comprehensive High School, Aisegba Ekiti
  9. Sola Babalola Memorial High School, Iro Ekiti
  10. Ayeteju Comprehensive High School, Iro Ekiti
  11. Ayo Daramola Grammar School, Ijan Ekiti
  12. New Era College, Ode Ekiti

Private Secondary Schools

  1. Faith and Love College, Ode Ekiti
  2. Tasco Secondary School, Ode Ekiti
  3. Amazing Grace Secondary School, Ode Ekiti
  4. Christ the Answer College, Aisegba Ekiti
  5. JOBABEC Secondary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  6. God Grace Secondary School, Aisegba Ekiti
  7. Christ International College, Agbado Ekiti
  8. Royal Academic College, Agbado Ekiti

The Aiyekire Local Government Area has two (2) General Hospitals, one at Ijan-Ekiti and the other at Ode-Ekiti.

The Health Facilities in the local government are:

  1. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ode Ekiti
  2. Comprehensive Health Centre, Agbado Ekiti
  3. Comprehensive Health Centre, Aisegba Ekiti
  4. Comprehensive Health Centre, Imesi Ekiti
  5. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ijan Ekiti
  6. Basic Health Centre, Ode Ekiti
  7. Basic Health Centre, Agbado Ekiti
  8. Basic Health Centre, Ipole
  9. Basic Health Centre, Aisegba Ekiti
  10. Basic Health Centre, Bolorunduro
  11. Basic Health Centre, Iluomoba Ekiti
  12. Basic Health Centre, Ajebamidele
  13. Basic Health Centre, Ijan Ekiti II
  14. Basic Health Centre, Ilupeju
  15. Basic Health Centre, Egbe Ekiti
  16. Basic Health Centre, Iro Ekiti
  17. Basic Health Centre, Iro Ayeteju
  18. Staff Clinic
  19. Model Health Centre, Ode Ekiti

The Private Hospitals in Aiyekire Local Government Area are:

  1. Opeyemi Clinic and Maternity, Agbado-Ekiti
  2. Biotom Medical Clinic and Maternity, Aisegba Ekiti
  3. Evangelic Church of West Africa (ECWA) Hospital, Egbe Ekiti
  4. Biotom Medical Clinic and Maternity, Ijan Ekiti
  5. Oluseyi Clinic and Maternity, Iluomoba Ekiti
  6. Ile Olaolu Clinic, Imesi Ekiti

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