Fayemi To Ekiti People: Be Vigilant As You Vote

June 20, 2014

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has called on voters to be vigilant as they go to the polls on Saturday to cast their ballots in the gubernatorial election.

 Fayemi in a state broadcast to the people of the state on Friday urged them to accord security agencies and other relevant authorities full cooperation to make the election a success.

 According to him, the price of liberty is eternal freedom calling on all eligible voters to come out and perform their civic duty. He also advised eligible voters to comply with election rules and regulations.

 The Governor remind the citizens of the state that regardless of partisan allegiances they are sons and daughters of Ekiti in which they dwell and build together.

 He, however, condemned the action of some security agents who harassed some serving governors whose freedom of movement was infringed upon as they were coming to witness the final rally of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

 Fayemi said, “One must be concerned however as to the ignoble role that some security agents played in the harassment meted out to serving governors of Federal Republic of Nigeria yesterday, when their right to freedom of movement as enshrined in the Constitution of our great country was violated without an infraction of any known law of the land.

 “As the Chief Security Officer of our State, it is my hope that the unfortunate occurrence of yesterday is not a reflection of collusion between security agencies and partisan interests in preparation for compromising the integrity of Saturday’s election.”

 He stated that freeness, fairness and credibility of the elections are inimitable conditions for the acceptance of the outcome by the honourable people of Ekiti State.

 The governor pointed out the election offers Ekiti people the greatest opportunity in their history to deepen democracy and culture of freedom having listened to candidates of political parties since March 23 when the ban on political activities was lifted.

 He also charged the people to use the election to collectively pursue their honour and act as a role model for electoral integrity and transparency despite the odds.

 Fayemi said, “In the course of our nation’s history, various dark forces have conspired to nullify the right of the people to choose their leaders.

 “These crimes against the sovereign will of the people occurred during the long decades of military tyranny. But we have also witnessed them recently in the Fourth Republic when anti- democratic elements have tried to hold us in bondage indefinitely.

 “But by the grace of God and the indomitable will of the people of conscience, we were able to repel the darkness and reclaim our inheritance.

 “At no time are we in a better position than now to collectively pursue our honour and act as a role model for electoral integrity and transparency.

 “Honourable people of Ekiti State, as we prepare to exercise our inalienable constitutional and democratic right, I wish to remind us that regardless of our partisan allegiances, we are all sons and daughters of this great state.

 “Ekiti is ours to dwell and build together. Whichever way we lean in tomorrow’s election, let us vote to perpetuate our land’s heritage of honour and harmony”.

Last modified: June 20, 2014

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