Social Investments

Our greatest resources remains our people. As the great sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo insisted, human beings are the measures of all thing, Only a healthy and enlightened people can drive the sustainable development we want to see in Ekiti State.

We therefore remain committed to reinstituting social safety nets that would bring succor to the most vulnerable segments of our society. One example of such safety nets is the Social Security Scheme for the elderly which I am pleased to say will be revived shortly.

Eyin Iya mi, eyin baba mi,Owo arugbo n pada bo laipe, lai’jina.

Our ideological position remains that no individual in society should be left behind, but everyone should be supported to live out their dreams to their fullest potential in their youth, and have a dignified and comfortable retirement in their old age-this is the fundamental responsibility of any government.

In this regard, I am particularly pleased that many of the program we pioneered in our first term in office have been adopted and scaled up b the Federal Government under the Social Investment Program. We would work to ensure more of our people are beneficiaries of these program.

Likewise, delivering qualitative Healthcare is a priority for our administration, and we will ensure our hospitals are once again well-equipped and functional to attend to the needs of the population.