Knowledge Economy

Ekiti State is known as the Fountain of Knowledge.

Our people love, seek and celebrate knowledge. We arguably have the highest numbers of professors and academic pioneers per capital in Nigeria. We also have many of our citizens who are leading lights in every field of human endeavor as well ass those who are at the frontiers of research on the academia and scholastic practice all over the world.

It is therefore a logical choice to turn knowledge as a primary product in which we can trade successfully.  To survive and strive in today’s global economy, as Ekiti people we should be committed to using our brilliant minds to promote sustainable development.

We will pay attention to fields such as; Teaching, Research, Skills Development, Creative Arts, Strengthening Tertiary Institutions and Educational Entrepreneurship.

To this end, my administration will resuscitate the Ekiti Knowledge Zone which was established during my first term in office. We will also be counting on the input of Ekiti People everywhere in our effort to establish this critical linkages in our Knowledge  Economy